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Tipster Mariela Quintana, who volunteers at Park Slope’s 826nyc (a tutoring endeavor of Dave Eggers & Co., and previously featured on Bwog for its Superhero Supply Store), was kind enough to pass along a link to a new blog, “Fish Slaps A Baby,” started and run by their elementary-school-age students. Here you’ll read on such topics as

Rock Jellyfish!

Rock Hot Dogs!


Bwog is ever-so-pleased. Pleased enough to plug their excellent opportunities to volunteer as well. Plus, you can tell your friends that, in four years in New York, you managed to visit another borough at least once.  

— ZvS

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  1. ...  

    one sunday morning back in san francisco, i stumbled out of the shower hungover one morning half naked and i met a dude in the living room named dave. later on i learned that it was dave eggers. ...and later on still i learned that dave eggers is kindof a literary bigshit. it was pretty rad.

  2. Come on!  

    Why are there not more comments about how hilarious this site is?

  3. megatron  

    That transformers story sounds better than anything that was in the movie.

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