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While Coach Jones of the Columbia men’s basketball team may or may not be running a side puppy taxi business, the women’s team is certainly seeing great success! Last night, the girls stunned UPenn 70-61. Currently at 3-2, another win will set Columbia to tie for first place in the Ivy League division.

Tonight the team faces off against Princeton at its home court. Take advantage of free NJ transit tickets and go show your school spirit! Face painting recommended but not required.

CORRECTED: Coach Jones is not the women’s basketball coach. Apologies.

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  1. Umm..

    Joe Jones is the Men's coach. I admire that Bwog is trying to encourage support of the teams in the sports fan wasteland that is Columbia, but this mistake is just pathetic. Find somebody who can competently post about sports news or just give up. It's an embarrassment to the players and anybody else who cares about Columbia sports.

    • yeah  

      honestly bwog if you can't get the name of the coach right, why even try? Or maybe you were trying to encourage people to go to the men's game AT HOME vs. Princeton after they too just dominated Penn?

  2. Idea  

    you should really have a permanent sports journalist who blog-posts live from games, just as you have people posting live from big speaker events. If people began to follow it, I think people might take an interest in following their home teams more.

  3. woah

    is the bwog confusing who is the men's and who is the women's coach?

    also, can we get a dog to transport to florida to see if it actually is joe jones?

  4. Correction

    If the women's team wins tonight (and it looks like they will), they will be 4-2. Cornell, Harvard, and Dartmouth are all 4-1, so only if they all lose in their games tonight will Columbia move into a tie for first. Please do a little more research before you make these posts. I like that Bwog has started to report more on sports, but there is no reason for these mistakes.

  5. Chill Out

    It's just a bWog, people! Relax. Jeez.

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