CCSC Is Blue, Da Ba Dee Da Ba Dai

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Another free food tip, courtesy of Student Council President Michelle Diamond:

“CCSC is kicking off our “I am light blue” campaign tonight at 10 pm in the Lerner piano lounge.  We’ll have delicious FREE light blue desserts from Kitchenette along with FREE t-shirts.” Bwog is counting down the hours.

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  1. ___  

    as if anyone wants to leave their dorm tonight.

  2. Why do Columbia's  

    school colors look so good?

    they're Blue-tiful!

  3. Free!  

    Free t-shirts are not lame.

    Long lines to get those shirts are though.

  4. hmm  

    no one gets to talk about cold unless they live in Woodbridge/River

  5. FYI

    in Russian, "light blue" ("goluboj")means gay. I suspect a wily Russian student is behind this campaign.

  6. Aleks  

    Glad to see some people know Russian around here. But I doubt that's what happened.

  7. poshel

    ty na hui, pedarast. Budesh' esche mne rasskazyvat' che ehto znachit.

  8. brr  

    I am light blue because of Mother Nature's wrathful winds.

  9. 1231223  

    What does Barack call his wife Michelle?


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