Everybody wins at SEAS

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Barnard, CCSC and Spec may entice their most willing and bored with chances to win a free iPod for participating in online surveys. But usually chances are low, and who wants to spend five minutes towards an iPod that you might not even win? Not SEAS! 

SEAS students, when they participate in the deliciously-acronymed APPLES survey will receive $4 deposited into their Pay Pal accounts.  

It would only take 75 engineers combining their $4 winnings to purchase a $300 20 GB iPod. That’s math. And Bwog doesn’t even go to SEAS. Impressed much?


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  1. 2nd grader  

    With that math? No.

  2. oh the times  

    ... they are a-changin

    300 bucks gets you 80 GB now bwog.

  3. No,  

    I'd be more impressed if Bwog were in SEAS.

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