Ice Ice Baby

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flavaHave you ever rolled into da club wishin’ that you could rep Fair Alma?  Now you can sport the most intellectual ice you could dream of thanks to Columbia Jewelry, a company started by Columbia alumnus and visual arts major Philip Ehrlich, GS ’88.  Ehrlich’s styles are limited mostly to lions and crowns– however, these shiny pieces of gold and silver can be adorned in a plethora of ways, from cuff links for the gents to brooches for the ladies. Be prepared to pay up, however, as the site still has nothing on sale (business must be booming in the collegiate jewelery world). Bwog is hoping that the company branches into a more urban market, selling Go Lion grills, giant clock necklaces and spinners.



  1. XXX  

    Allright, now I can roll even deeper.

  2. this isn't news

    this guy has been selling it for a number of years. and it's well designed too. unlike the shit that is being offered for class rings.

  3. McFister

    Alas, no grillz available, yet.

  4. gossip  

    michelle diamond auditioned to be on Flavor of Love 2

  5. Fucking A!  

    She must also be George Washington and Jesus Christ! I think we're on to something, Nancy Drew.

  6. angelino  

    i was on a plane back home to los angeles. flava flav was a row up from me. the look on his face when he realized that he needed to change the time zone on all five of his timepieces -- three around his neck and one on each wrist -- was priceless

    • EAL  

      Wow, he really travels looking like that? I should think that if he stripped himself of all his extravagant accessories and traveled in a suit or street clothes, no one would recognize him.

  7. Sucka

    How's he go to the bathroom with all that stuff on?

  8. Mr Flav  

    strikes me as the kind of guy who might want to be recognized

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