QuickSpec: Mythology and Allusion Edition

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minotaurThe Minotaur also felt these emotions.  Screw you Daedalus!

 Chicken finger imagery will become a staple of the 21st Century canon, even though it has been around since the time of Homer.

 Levian’s roof, like the Bloodhound Gang predicted, is on fire.  Quite the fire indeed.

There is no mention of Marquez in this article.  Robin Williams, however, did perfect the art of magical realism.



  1. Levian  

    Really Bwog? Really?

  2. suggestion  

    new quickspec is funny, but I wish it was still somehow related to the articles. how can I know which two spec articles to skim?

  3. ugh  

    Wow, I haven't been reading Bwog for a while and now I remember why... these things make NO SENSE which makes it kind of useless as a brief on another publication.

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