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Like it or not (and you probably don’t), the unstoppable frustrated mess that is Valentine’s Day is fast approaching. And with it, bags of pink and pretty candy have already hit stores. The most iconic mid-February sweet is perhaps the Candy Heart, the mostly gross and chalky tiny hearts with zeitgeist-y sayings like “Page Me” and “You + Me 4ever” on them.

Bwog’s interested in what phrase (twenty characters or less) you would choose to put on a Candy Heart. Email [email protected] with as many suggestions as you want by February 13th at 11:59 PM. We’ll post the best and then vote. The winner will receive a Valentine’s Day treat and will be successful in all their romantic endeavors this year.


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  1. Anonymous  

    "Eat My Gigantic Dick"

    It works on at least three levels.

  2. VD Day

    Just the tip promise
    This isn't GHB ;)
    This IS GHB ;)
    I did your mom
    ... and your dad ...
    Your sister's hot
    My sis is hotter.

  3. The Unnamable

    The other side of the "I CAN'T GO ON" heart should say "I'LL GO ON."

  4. what did one  

    chemistry major say to the other on Feb. 14th?

    Wanna be my valence-tine?

  5. that was  

    so weak, bwog punster.

  6. What did  

    one Chinese infantryman say to the in the Sino-Japanese War on February 14th, 1895?

    General Nozu Michitsura's 5th Provincial Division has taken the Liaodong Peninsula and is currently marching towards Weihaiwei. We will surely die.

  7. sloshy  

    "Earwig Honey and Bone Meal"

  8. Anonymous  

    Stir in Drink


  9. Exactly Twenty  

    This year, ass to mouth?

  10. assman  

    I think I detect a theme...

  11. another....


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