QuickSpec: Minimalism is the New Journalism Edition

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Breaking: College student discovers ability to snack instead of eat meals 

John Jay is practically the new Whole Foods, except for its lack of organic food. Oh, and the whole rats and failed health inspection thing.

Spec’s photography columnist so minimalist.

Was “Nada Surf ‘2.0’” really an “entirely different beast”? Was it?



  1. huh?  

    didn't these articles run in yesterday's paper?

  2. isn't  

    quickspec getting a little minimalist? Didn't we get 5 and occasionally 6 links a day? And weren't they funny, from time to time?

  3. damn bwo  

    don't smack on people's art! especially when it's pretty ok . . .

  4. turn it up

    i hate to agree here, but quickspec really is in the decline. we're down to four or so stories with very unfunny teasers.

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