Genesis 7:19 on the Quad

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The now-notorious Saint Valentine’s Day flood sure was dramatic, what with the entire Barnard quad being evacuated at 2 a.m., but it seems to have left little damage.  Even at the epicenter of the leak, on the fifth floor of Sulzberger, only the lounge and hallway are affected.  But a disarticulated radiator, a few holes in the wall, and a two-toned carpet barely hint at anything unusual around here.  A maintenance crew is at work and expects to find the spot where the pipe burst soon.


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  1. what happens to  

    sleeping plumbers?

    They have pipe dreams!

  2. huhhh  

    that's fucking it!? that is why i couldn't fucking finish my paper?!

  3. Ha!  

    Did you see the people standing at college walk holding a sign that said "Only a true Catholic goes to heaven"?

    How silly! Everybody knows only a true disciple of the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster goes to heaven.

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