Quickspec: Love/No Love Edition

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Columbia loves bureaucracy, burns employees

Back in the day, Columbia was the love police

Inhabitants of Sulzberger don’t spend the night alone…they spend it together, in the gym

Moral: If you only ever date people in the Spec office, your perspective on Valentines Day/romance/seduction is…different.

Only today could a sentence like “ogling [Debora Spar] for an embarassingly long time” be fitting

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  1. iba  

    If you want to be paid efficiently, go work for an investment bank.

  2. yooo  

    "I know she will face challenges both great and small—she will be criticized, judged, and at times she will feel about two-feet-tall"

    christ, what a dr. seuss suck-up

  3. well  

    Columbia is grossly inefficient, frustratingly decentralized, and the solutions they implement are just big band-aids?

    That's unpossible!

  4. Boo  

    Barnard first years should not be allowed near a pen until they can control their emotions.

  5. sad  

    why are there never comments on the spec website anymore?

  6. former CC guy

    My pipe exploded in Sulzberger Tower a few times back in my day.

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