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Candy HeartsBwog is proud to announce the winner of our Valentine’s Day candy heart contest, in which we asked you to provide the best slogan to emblazon on one such heart. We’ve tallied all the votes, and we’re proud to announce the winning entry:


Bwog congratulates Rob Trump for his ingenious wit and ability to garner 21% of 573 votes, and humbly asks that he contact us to claim his special Valentine’s treat.

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  1. DAMN YOU!  


  2. sku  

    If you thought Jeff Julian's "ACTUALSIZEOFMYHEART" should have won and you want to see some even funnier stuff from Jeff Julian and other EVEN FUNNIER PEOPLE you should come to Up Late With Jeff Julian, next Thursday at the Lerner Black Box, 7 and 9.

    • Anonymous  

      If you thought that "ACTUALSIZEOFMYHEART" would clearly not fit on any candy heart and removed spaces in an attempt to cheat the character limit...you should go to both shows.

    • alexw

      Although Jeff Julian and Rob Trump could not BOTH win this competition, people can attend BOTH shows. (This is because they are different days and times, you see.)

      Also, this is the current ad that gmail is presenting me:

      Scented Fairy Dust - www.ultimatetoothfairy.com - Our magical Pixie Dust is straight from the Fairy Dell.

      • Anonymous  

        It appears that a consensus has been reached among parties representing the top two finishers and that ATTENDING BOTH SHOWS is the only way to save your pixie-infested soul.

        • alexw

          All press inquiries for Jeff Julian must go through me because he was sliced in half (vertically) by an errant kite. He is currently recovering in two iron lungs and will be prepared for his show on Thursday.

  3. sku  

    you could also try to compete the "king's quest" and have sex at both of these shows and the vagina monologues

  4. anti-rjt  

    Rob Trump whores himself out more than Mrs. Trump, his mom.

    Rob Trump's mom is a whore.

    And so is Rob.

  5. nice job  

    stealing that from an abercrombie and fitch t shirt, Rob Trump. Go pop your collar.

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