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Grumpy old manPerhaps I’m a product of another era, but I’m pretty sure that bartenders used to be discouraged from sleeping with their drunk clientele.

When I was young, smoking in dorms was not only tolerated, but encouraged, goddamnit!

Call me old-fashioned, but everyone knows that the real meaning of Valentine’s day is celebrating monogamous heterosexual relationships through capitalism.

Maybe I’m just an old coot, but I liked condoms better before they were branded and free.

I may be a ninety-one years old, but there is no way Henry Ford would ever have eaten sushi.

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  1. wow  

    How can you be a bartender and write "sips of Kettle One"??? What's next, taking shots of Gris Goose?

  2. The King of Spain  

    Great, so now more people will be smoking on the fire escapes in Claremont. There is no War on Fun.

  3. Detroit  

    Henry Ford's policy was that "people can have a model-T in any color, so long as its black" ie his take on sushi would've been that everyone would have to eat the exact same sushi, made inexpensive by the lack of variety.

    In other words, the variety of choices the author describes are exactly what Henry Ford would have detested. Yay spec!

  4. Pomodoro Rosso  

    on 70th & Columbus. Great Italian food, with awesome, homey & romantic decor, + great service. Did I mention the food is awesome?

    Pastas are around $17-20, and meat entrees like $25. My bill for two came to $55-60 with 2 glasses of wine, tax & tip, and we had starters. They also give the yummiest free bread w/ olives & what-not.

  5. jpm  

    robot sushi!

    that is all.

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