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Hamilton Doors 1Bwog happened to be passing through the front doors of Hamilton, as we all do several times a month, and had a companion point out something very interesting. Outside the wooden doors that Columbians know and love are a set of enormous, bunker-style doors, engraved in brass, and slid sideways behind the cement facade. (They’re visible between the door and the outermost metal frame in this photo.)

No amount of force would dislodge them from their current position, but careful camera work revealed detailed brasswork and engraving. Bwog has a pretty good idea when the last time that these were shut were (it rhymes with fineteen-shmifty-eight), and, most likely, the reason that they no longer can be without some serious leverage.

Engraving details after the jump.



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  1. The King of Spain  


    That was an unforgivable error.

  2. sigh

    Hamilton was blockaded by student protesters for a month in 1986, but I suppose since 68 and 86 have the same digits...

  3. Lame  

    If you really want to be interesting Bwog, do a story about the "locked" tunnels. I hear there are ways they can be breached.

  4. Alum

    I doubt that those are really "bunker-style doors". Even if they are, I'm sure they weren't used during the protests in '86 or '87.

    There isn't room inside that wall for three pair of sliding doors. Besides, it wouldn't make sense to install such heavy (and expensive) barriers when a would-be intruder could gain entry by just walking a few feet to either side and breaking a window.

    Hamilton had iron doors for many years before the current (and very expensive) wooden doors were installed. Bwog may just be looking at remnants of the old doors.

  5. c'09


  6. meh  

    let's assume that if there is anything that we don't know, it must have been something from 1968.

  7. alum

    Wow--you guys don't do much research before you post a note. Those are very handsome wrought iron doors decorated with various Columbia insignia and foliage, if I remember correctly. Formerly Class Day was held in Vam Am Quad, and the ornamental doors would be brought out to cover the two side doors for Class Day and while school was out of session. They are quite lovely and look great. Stick around some summer and you may see them.

  8. Casey

    You can also see similar doors to these in full glory at Hamilton's sister building, Journalism.

  9. Argh  

    And at Mathematics Hall, and many other buildings on campus I bet.

  10. schmifty  

    does not fucking rhyme with sixty.

    suck it.

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