Barnard Bulletin is AWOL

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The erstwhile Barnard Bulletin website has gone missing! And not even 6 months since its grand re-(re?)-launch. The Bulletin’s new Clip Art and edgy typeface is nowhere to be found on the interweb, and a Google search takes one to the Barnard website, which in turn takes one to the defunct site.

Bwog will update with any information regarding the Bulletin’s present whereabouts, until then, it’s probably available in print somewhere west-ish of Columbia. A mystery for the ages to be sure!



  1. Culpable  

    Meanwhile, what's up with CULPA?
    The self-styled CULPA admins, Seth Berliner and Michael Decker, have posted only a few dozen new reviews since August. Unposted reviews are piling up at a rate of over 100 per month.
    Lazy and lame!

  2. yes  

    CULPA needs to get it together

  3. ...

    This is what happens when their beuatiful and graceful editor and chief is abroad.........

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