New ‘Negotiator’ Master’s Program

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Beginning next fall, the School of Continuing Education will offer a Master of Science in Negotiation and Conflict Resolution. No word on the rationale for establishing the program (Continuing Education Acting Dean Peter Awn gives some vague PR speak here), but perhaps Columbia is molding a team of crack mediators to help it defuse the controversy it seems so good at courting.

There’s an info session about the major in early April—will it train people for the corporate world, or for totally badass negotiating? Bwog imagines it’s the former, but holds out tentative hope for the latter.



  1. what do you  

    call it when people go to Oprah and talk radio to solve their problems?


  2. EAL  

    What's the difference between the School of Continuing Education and GS? Their premise sounds almost exactly the same.

    • response

      Their premise isn't the same at all. GS grants undergraduate degrees, CE does not.

      CE, as I understand it, is for individuals that want to complete a course or two in a specialized area of study at the undergraduate level and offer more obscure graduate degrees that don't really fit into any of the other faculties.

  3. CE also

    offers a "Master of Science in Landscape Design"


  4. my dad is  

    a landscape designer.

  5. More question marks  

    "New �Negotiator� Master�s Program"

    "There's an info session about the major in early April�will it train people for the corporate world"

  6. alumnus

    Columbia is a UNIVERSITY, not just an undergraduate college.

    Those who resent this fact should have looked into Vassar, Willams or Wesleyan.

  7. When  

    will they offer a degree in deciding? I want to be The Decider.

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