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George Krebs, everyone’s favorite CCSC ’09 President is starting his Quixotic journey towards a possible E-board presidency.  On this eve of President’s Day, he could not discuss policy specifics but instead resorted to Obama-esque generalities.  The ticket of this as yet unnamed the party is still in construction (Wanted: “Outstanding” candidate for VP Funding), but Krebs is confident that the group will be cohesive.

 No official word yet, but Bwog has heard through the grapevine that Krebs will be facing current VP of Policy Alidad Damooei.  Campaign announcement after the jump.


Dear Columbia College Students,

We’re writing to personally announce to you our intention to run for Columbia College Student Council Executive Board. We have been working hard to improve our campus student life, and have started to churn the wheels on the community-building movement we are planning to create on this campus.

Because the official elections timeline has not been announced, we are not allowed to publicize our platform’s specifics. Rest assured, we are currently working on some of our policies within the Student Councils and across campus. What we can say is that every idea we will bring to the campaign will stem from a core vision.

We want all Columbia College students to feel united, embraced, and part of something larger than any individual campus organization. Our movement is going to be about collective action, not unilateral boardroom decision making. We have met many of you, and will continue to meet you and continue this dialogue in the coming months.

We are still in the process of looking for an outstanding and dynamic fifth member, but our campaign will be about more than the five of us—it will be about a movement across the entire College. We have been standing with you, and we hope you will stand with us within the next couple months and for the next year. Together, we can. Let’s get it started.


George Krebs, Adil Ahmed, Robyn Burgess, Ian Solsky


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  1. Wonk

    That's some fine Obama plagiarism right there, Krebbie.

  2. AND? AND??  

    "Krebs is confident that the group will be cohesive and"

    AND WHAT???

  3. also  

    the bottom of this post is fuckin confusing

    looks like it was supposed to be a table or something?

  4. Quixotic?  

    Why "Quixotic"? Krebs is generally well liked and was expected to run. He stands at least a reasonable (if not good) chance of being elected. Does Bwog have some issues with Krebs it would like to air?

  5. hmm  

    just because he discovered the citric acid cycle...

  6. Holla  

    But what about felipe tarud?

  7. krebs  

    is a total disaster. the only difference between him and michelle diamond is that at least michelle could pull off making it look like she had the leadership skills and vision to make a good stuco president (which clearly is not true). yet another year of CCSC putting the worst of the worst at the top of the top. columbia college: the time for change is never.

  8. ohh

    they have a core vision? i get it. like the core curriculum.

    the fact that this word is both bold and italicized speaks volumes.

  9. What  

    do you call George Krebs' campaign circuit?

    The Krebs' Cycle

  10. five?  

    Aren't there five positions on a CCSC ticket? Doesn't Krebs need a fifth? What about Felipe Tarud?

  11. fwiw  

    ...one does not normally 'churn' wheels (unless they're made of heavy cream, I guess).

  12. just sayin  

    I couldn't really care much less about student council elections, but at least George doesn't have a stick up his ass. I mean, that's one thing going for him.

  13. mmmm  

    i would totally bang krebs

  14. who  

    needs change? at least krebs is nice.

  15. question

    What's Adil doing on Krebs' ticket? He's the one who should be running for president.

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