1. hahahahaha  

    hahaha that is too funny.

  2. ...

    get ready for the most long-winded graduation speech in our 250 year history! woooohhooo!!!

    despite being unnecessarily verbose, he's a decent guy

  3. mallory carr

    is a superstar.

  4. FACT:  

    Mark Johnson is a master chef.

  5. mallory  

    is the best RA ever!

  6. mallory carr  

    may be cool, i don't know her, but mark johnson is the biggest douche on the face of the earth.

    he also preys on asian girls.

  7. eh...  

    As much as I will miss the "Sir Duke"-themed e-mails from Krebs, at least these are the people who have been consistent for the last 2 years, and since 2009 is undoubtedly the strongest class on campus (in terms of leadership, non-apathy, and general awesome-osity), continuing our class's CCSC past will probably be a good move.

  8. Ramya  

    Mallory Carr all the way!!!

  9. not gonna lie  

    george krebs and mark johnson write the most straight-up incoherent e-mails to our class that you can imagine. it's amazing that they aren't ashamed to send this stuff out to 700 people.

  10. mark johnson  

    has a disgusting asian fetish.

  11. Mallory Carr  

    is the ragin' Cajun.

  12. malloryC  

    should run for President instead!

  13. boo ya

    very much agree with #17.

  14. Mallory? She  

    may be the most responsible, chill, motivated and competent person I've met in a long time.
    Doesn't matter who she's running with, I'll vote for her

  15. hahahahahahaha  

    mallory, save your political career and join krebs!

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