1. ...

    Thank god.... I hope they replace this with something decent.... preferrably something that can spruce up the nightlife on Broadway

  2. ahh  

    every time i see a vacant restaurant space, the dreamer in me hopes an anna's taqueria will come down from massachusetts.

  3. personally...  

    i hope they just replace it with a good italian place. the closest thing to decent italian food is sezz medi or max soha and they're up on 123 and amsterdam.

  4. DHI  

    The best part about the menu is that while they were trying to say they had half-pound burgers, they instead said the burgers were "1/2 beef" and didn't specify what the other half was.

  5. DHI  

    Now that Five Guys is opening franchises all over the damn map, they should build one there.

  6. fff  

    the places very close to Columbia generally suck. they are expensive and not very good. (MW, Swish, Ollie's, Ham Del, Strokos, Pertutti, Ivy League Stationers).
    The problem, presumably, is that columbia people will spend lots of money at basically any place so long as they can stumble out to it directly from their dorms. It's a bit like the overcharging at airports. (At an airport you have lots of well-off people in a small enclosed space with nothing to do for an hour. These people will buy at elevated prices, so there is need to lower prices.)

  7. DHI  

    I would also be down with a Wendy's.

  8. alexw  

    They are replacing Pertutti with a helicopter landing pad.


  9. zombie  

    even so, alexw, you will not escape.


  10. uhhh  

    suburban mall food is better than any of the crap you find around columbia. even a mcdonald's would be better.

  11. I had  

    My sixth grade birthday party there; it took that long to close and it sucked even back then. Decent Italian that you don't have to go up to 123rd or 124th for would be nice.

  12. Food

    #14 is right. It'd be awesome if they opened a Panda Express or some other fast food joint there. California Pizza Kitchen would be good, too. The food around Columbia SUCKS. Like, it totally sucks.

  13. meh  

    is going to 12rd or 124th for decent (arguable) Italian really that difficult? Why not just order in, then? Or go to V&T.

  14. zombi  

    it takes too long to walk to 12π.

    ferris is closer and pasta tastes like brains.

  15. i liked  

    Pertutti. And I will always prefer a small privately owned restaurant with slightly higher prices to a fast food joint that serves total crap -- both in terms of taste and nutritious value.

  16. EAL  

    As a denizen of Virginia, I second the motion for a Five Guys in Morningside Heights. Or, better yet, a Chick-Fil-A.

    We could also bring back Global Ink.

  17. omg!!!  

    I would give my left nut for a chick-fil-a...

  18. rumor  

    i met someone once who said she was in negotiations to take over pertutti's lease. she also cooked some damn fine italian food.

  19. I would  

    enjoy anything dealing with BBQ!!!

  20. wow  

    There's really bad taste on this campus. Panda express better than Swish or Ollie's? That's just ridiculous.

  21. ianc-b  

    how about a new bar?

  22. We need  


  23. yoooo  

    waffflllleee hooouuuusseeeee

  24. au contraire

    Are you kidding me? Pertutti was infinitely better than any of the on-campus eateries, including Swish and Ollies. You're complaining about an $8.50 hamburger? How about the $4 jelly-beans in Cafe 212? This is a shame.

  25. au contraire

    They definitely had "decent Italian food," by the way. It was certainly not 3 Michelin stars, but it was more than decent.

  26. pertutti

    was decent food. not great. but better than most of the other garbage on the broadway stretch.

    did someone above say v and t's was good italian food? if by good you mean what the local italian restaurant in suburbia serves, than it is right on track.

    sezzi medi is awesome. no way about it. and anyone who bitches about walking 10 blocks at most for dinner needs to do some more walking.

  27. The neighborhood has  

    a real Op-Pertutti-ty! (to get better food)

  28. good  

    couldn't stand the place.

    yay for justice!

  29. only in my dreams  

    Taco Johns anyone?

  30. in-n-out

    will never come to godless new york. Read up on the chain... even if the double-double animal-style is awesome

  31. today's lesson  

    five guys > in-n-out

  32. the best  

    the best italian food in morningside is in ferris booth commons, zagat says the "insouciant service" and "transcendent if inconsistent" garlic bread carry the day

  33. Please

    Let them open a bar. That's fun. Am caf, soha/mona, roadhouse, nachos are all gone, the line to get into 1020 is consequentially way too long, and the West End sucks now(more than before). Bar. Fun. If they want to be a coffee shop during the day with cheap good coffee, couches and power outlets for laptops, that would also be lovely. I can't for the life of me understand why there are not more coffeshop-by-day/bars-by-night around Columbia.

  34. Studying in England


  35. guy  


  36. hungry  

    I ordered the ravioli once at pertutti and I got literally 5 pieces. 5 ravioli's does not a meal make.

  37. okteam  


    i love you people. all my long-lost culinary brothers and sisters showed up to comment on this thread, apparently.

    but seriously, a bar would be nice. a THEME BAR.

  38. zboczeniec  

    If another Mexican restaurant moves into this neighborhood I'm transferring to NYU. Chipotle, Havanna Central, Taqueria y Fonda la Mexicana, the other various Taquerias ... don't you people get sick of tacos????????

  39. my vote is for..  


    btw- it's not a matter of walking to 123rd. the point is that those are the only two decent italian places in the area AND they're kind of tucked away. and have you ever ordered fried calamari in? it sucks. don't be so disgruntled.

  40. zboczeniec  

    and PS: I'm aware that Havana Central is Cuban, before everyone goes crazy. It's the same shit--just in yellow rice instead of tortillas.

  41. ugh  

    you people suck. the only other chain eatery that would be acceptable around here is jamba juice. I would be eternally happy if they opened one up there. Panera can kiss my ass, you all know it blows.

    • DHI  

      Jamba Juice is not an eatery because you do not eat juice. You already have Starbucks, Pinkberry, Tasti-D-Lite(or however it's spelled) and whatever shitty juice place is already on campus for overpriced non-meals.

      Fuck a Jamba Juice. The saddest moment throughout the whole Sopranos series was when Tony sold that property to Jamba Juice.

    • you  

      suck. you can kiss Panera's ass, douchebag

  42. dunkin donuts  

    anything but another goddamn Starbucks for the hipsters to buy $4+ coffees in.

    You DRINK it. It's not an accessory.

  43. I never said  

    Pertutti's was an amazing Italian restaurant. I merely said that I will always prefer a private restaurant to the crap served by all the chains mentioned here. Maybe you haven't lived here long enough, but if a Wendy's "meal" costs upwards of $6, I really don't think $8.50 is excessive for a hamburger in a restaurant with actual waiters and a decent atmosphere. Have any of you even been south of 110th? There are amazing places to eat besides your nauseating mega-corporations...if you only knew where to look...or cared to ask.

  44. l never said  

    how bout another cannnos we want the druken jocks closer to home!

  45. askdnaksf  

    oh my, anna's is no ordinary burrito shop. if you're ever in the boston area, you must go. it's so much better than chipotle.

  46. potato oles

    taco johns!!

    some one want to go in on a six-pack and a pound?

  47. McFister

    The food sucks on Broadway because your taste in food sucks.

  48. Pisticci  

    Is pretty awesome.

  49. hooray  

    praise the lord. As for what to do with the space, I vote they just expand deluxe. Ther shit is goooooood, also I can afford it.

  50. anon  

    I second the bar idea. 1020 is so tired.

    Or, something that's actually decent. Whoever is talking about chik-fil-a or Wendy's or Panda Express needs to get the hell out. Move to suburbia, that's disgusting.

  51. crap...  

    i apparently don't know how to embed a link. just go here. copy-paste:


  52. hmm  

    according to the department of buildings database it's a columbia owned building.


    GO GO GO!!!

  53. ieieieie  

    since when is chipotle the gold standard of good mexican? if you can't make it to california at least go to taqueria and get away from that white-rice illegit shit.

    also any thoughts on why nothing's moved into the former home of roadhouse or mona? i hope the carcass of pertutti won't join them as a reminder of why morningside heights blows

  54. i second  

    In n out! Or its NY kin, Shake Shack. We need a decent burger place around here

    • DHI  

      How did the Rockets sweep the Magic in the 1995 NBA Finals?

      Hakeem was able to shake Shaq.

      No, I'm not the one making all the horrible puns, just this one.

      Shake Shack is a quality establishment.

  55. californian  

    in-n-out would never make it to NYC because they ship their never-frozen beef from one slaughterhouse (i forget where, but obviously in california, nevada, or arizona).

  56. Virginian  

    I'm don't even eat meat and I'd do anything to get a Five Guys up here.

  57. human rights

    Saigon Grill: Let the controversy ensure

  58. Fro-Hoe

    Why not add another Pinkberry? There tends to be a lack of seasonal Pomegranate seeds, usually resulting in general dissatisfaction. This way, we can replace $8.50 burgers with $8.50 frozen yogurt.

  59. AlsoStudyingintheUK


  60. umm  

    jamba juice has food too. and breakfast smoothies, which you eat with a spoon. there. and at least it's better than panera, and it's tasty.

  61. Anonymous

    According to the fellow in charge of the renovation (actually a gut job, if you get a look past the door), the new restaurant will be an Italian trattoria owned by the same folks who run Nonna, on Columbus and 85th. The kitchen will stay open till 2:00 a.m. and the doors will stay open till 4:00, he added. Check back in mid to late March.

  62. imhungry  

    How about IHOP??

    or even CHILLIS!!!

  63. newguy

    You people are total imbeciles...

    You live in NY f'ing City home to the greatest restaurants in the world and you want chain food. You must have gone to rent a brain to get into Columbia! California Pizza, Panda Express? - go back to your commercial rerun suburban blah and leave the city

  64. newguy

    Pertutti was THE BEST! New Years there with great food, drinks, dessert, and champagne for under 50. my girlfriend - now wife and I loved it. RIP - best tiramisu and corcioffo (sp?) sauce in the world.

    Please - no fast food, no chain restaurants. We already took the soul out of the country, no need to do it to the city. Everyone do yourselves a favor. Turn OFF the Soprano's, Sex in the City, and any other dumb show pretending to represent the city. Think for yourselves and go to a small local mom and pop and experience real food.

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