Personals: Sophomore Class Edition

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True love is the best way to battle the sophomore slump. All interested parties should contact Bwog via email and we’ll provide the $10 for the date. And as always, nominate your friends (or yourself) for a personal by emailing [email protected]



Guy for Girl

Name: Johnny Ruan

Year: 2010

School: CC

Major: Astrophysics

Hometown: Windsor, Ontario, Canada

Best Book You’ve Read for Class: This was in high school, but A

Midsummer Night’s Dream.

Worst Book You’ve Read for Class:
The Poetry of Mihai Eminescu,

which I had to read for my Romanian class.

Most shameful thing you’ve ever done to procrastinate: Rewatch

episodes of Dawson’s Creek on DVD, which I have for some reason. It’s

a very guilty pleasure.

Beverage of choice:
Green or chamomile tea.

What are your most played songs on iTunes?

The Get Up Kids, “Red Letter Day”

Jimmy Eat World, “Sweetness”

Sunny Day Real Estate, “Seven”

What do you wish were your most played songs on iTunes?
I’m content

with what’s on there, but I’d be open to some happier music.

Favorite Morningside Heights Meal: Any crepe from Artopolis.

The title of your memoir:
Global Warming Melted my Igloo: Tall Tales

of a Migration South to America

Dream date 5 words or fewer: fine wine + stargazing = Champagne Supernova

Thing you’re looking forward to most this year: Actually getting a job

this summer doing something I enjoy doing, for the first time.

Thing you’re looking forward to least this year:
Schmoozing professors

in the astronomy department to get said job.

 Girl for Guy

Name: Rachel Ziegler

Year: 2010

School: Barnard

Major: English

Hometown: Lafayette, Louisiana

Best Book You’ve Read for Class: probably To the Lighthouse

Worst Book You’ve Read for Class: I wasn’t a fan of Beowulf

Most shameful thing you’ve ever done to procrastinate: puppywar.com; and this

Beverage of choice:

What are your most played songs on iTunes? Joanna Newsom, “Sawdust and

Diamonds”; The Microphones, “The Moon”; Clifton Chenier, “La Jolie Blonde”;

Animal Collective, “Grass”; David Bowie, “Starman”

What do you wish were your most played songs on iTunes? The Magnetic

Fields’ 69 Love Songs… all of them

Favorite Morningside Heights Meal: Symposium’s Greek macaroni and cheese.

They don’t actually call it that, but they should–it’s pretty much just

pasta and lots and lots of feta cheese.  It’s wonderful.

The title of your memoir:
I’m far too boring and awkward to ever write a


Dream date 5 words or fewer: Medieval Times?

Thing you’re looking forward to most this year:
learning to knit.  Unless

you mean calendar year, then it’s going abroad in the fall.

Thing you’re looking forward to least this year:
I have to do laundry




  1. WOW  

    winners from 2010 for sure

  2. hey now  

    was the 10 bucks from bwog short lived?

  3. what kind of  

    ads do single cats place in the newspaper?


  4. logic  

    guy for girl, girl for guy. Bwog, why not just set them up together?

  5. oh man  

    how uninteresting was that girl? not to be mean, but if you're going to do this, put a little effort in.

  6. i would  

    totally contact bwog about the girl, but i'd feel awkward and lame for doing so. so! i won't.

  7. Johnny  

    can sweep me away to a parallel universe any time.

  8. duhhh  

    already dating, but who doesn't love an astronomer? he's cute

  9. Johnny  

    is a prince among the other mcbain 8 residents

  10. mo'hamdel  

    Hmmm, try not to be such an asshole, you know? Not everyone can be as exciting and suave as Bwog commenters.

  11. that girl  

    is really pretty

  12. 2.0  

    so, um, rachel, wanna go see the magnetic fields with me on thurs?

  13. why not  

    girl for girl?? I'd like to see some of that!

  14. johnny is  

    a hottie with a body.

  15. i would  

    choose johnny over sam any time.

  16. he can  

    paddle his boat on my creek anytime

  17. meh  

    jimmy eats world and champagne supernova? come ON. I would pick the girl over him and I'm not even a lesbian.

  18. not related

    just wanted to thank someone for showing me puppywar

    time to waste a good hour

  19. hah  

    umm kittenwar is much better

  20. aHA!  

    so THAT's that guy i always see walking around who i try to make eye contact with, but seems like he's always deep in thought about something.

  21. i like

    rachel's haircut. ill be looking around for you. that sounds creepy.

  22. Well

    at least one Barnard girl knows her place and is learning to knit. Now all we need is some home economics classes (oh wait...that's basically the level of intellectual rigor they require in their econ dept) and perhaps a blow job and lamaze class and we've got ourselves one hell of a women's college. Maybe they'll even opt to be ranked again instead of taking their broken G.I. Joe home and not playing with the other kids anymore.

  23. The Professor  

    Johnny can schmooze me any day of the week...

  24. meh  

    props to the fellow coonass! although ziegler isn't a cajun name, it's close enough for me!

  25. hmmm  

    i mean the kid takes romanian...and he's asian...that's kinda hot.

    how do i contact?

  26. read  

    "All interested parties should contact Bwog via email "

  27. a suggestion  

    Bwog should write up a follow up story about how the 10 dollar dates went.

  28. hey mag. fields guy!  

    if rachel doesn't take you up on that and you end up with an extra i will definitely buy that ticket off of you

  29. hopelessly in love  

    Hey Rachel--- i can't wait to share my hopeless love of knitting with you and grow in my love for you.

  30. alexw  

    These Ten US Dollars could purchase 2 seats to UP LATE WITH JEFF JULIAN and enough money left over for a Naked Juice....with two straws.

  31. Rachel's friend

    As a person who thought it would be fun to play bwog personals and helped get Rachel to do this, all of you who heart her should contact bwog so I can live vicariously through her adventurous blind dates with you all.

    Also, I moved out of college housing this semester, so Rachel now lives in a single...

  32. At first  

    I was gonna say that #29's comment was really mean, and totally uncalled for, but then #40 comes out of nowhere and plays into the Barnard stereotype perfectly? Super awk.

  33. Dear Rachel  

    You are adorable.

  34. ladies, jump on  

    this. ruan is the ultimate cocksman -- this is like a presidents' day sale on nookie.

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