QuickSpec: Old School Edition

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Fireside chats make PrezBo—ne JanitorBo—nostalgic for the good old days.

GS Student Council, like grumpy old men, bickers about budgets.

Some GS students actually live in Butler, no really.  Two chairs, third-floor style.

GS is expensive but worth it.  Most of the time, methinks. 

Out with the old, in with the new.  Even with the new lounge-bar experience, its still just mediocre Italian food.

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  1. spanish inquisition

    This is after Niko got elected on a platform of trying to make more money available to GS students. (It was hilariously unfortunate when he tried to raise issues regarding parity in financial aid with PrezBo, and Bollinger basically told him to take a hike.)

    Instead of pissing all over each other about how much money has been made available to certain events, why don't they trim exorbitant funding for volunteer programs?

    In short, GSSC mimics real life governmental practice; a ton of pork and, this year, a large amount of bureaucratic malfeasance.

  2. copy editor

    Prezbo, né JanitorBo. It's french for born. Not a negation.

  3. The King of Spain  

    I meant English has only borrowed "née."

  4. um...

    if prezbo were a girl. né for men.

  5. Knights Who Say NEE!  


  6. copy editor

    victory is sweet.

  7. factual discrepancy?  

    "They first came to Morningside Heights in August 1968"

    "For six weeks, they lived above a bar on 104th Street and Broadway until they found a rent-controlled apartment on 96th Street between Amsterdam and Columbus Avenues. The couple moved into the apartment during the infamous 1968 riots."

    That would mean they moved into the apartment in September/October 1968. The protests occurred in April.

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