Barnard Dancer Exposes Backside To Comical Effect

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Yesterday’s New York Times had a gently chiding review of Sugar Salon, a collaboration, currently in its second year of existence, between Barnard’s dance department and Williamsburg Art NeXus.

Female dance choreographers don’t get as much money or attention as their male counterparts, and so the Sugar Salon series commissions work from Barnard’s strong, beautiful choreographers-in-residence, who work with an older, more experienced mentor throughout the creation process. The latest SS show featured pieces by three such choreographers at the Abrons Art Center.

The show was an ostensible showcase for works created during the Barnard residency, but two of the choreographers showed up with “in-progress” projects, which Gia Kourlas of the NYT calls “little more than sketches.” The third presented a piece that was created pre-Barnard.

Bwog remains proud of its sisters regardless, and hopes to see these completed works herself one day, especially this one (from the NYT article):

“Two cats appear on a video, and Ms. Achugar, nude from the waist down, exposes her backside to comical effect. It all culminates as a group of topless women wiggle along to a YouTube video (the cartoon character Dora the Explorer performing “Chicken Noodle Soup”).”

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  1. Questioner  

    I'd like to know where bwog got its information about female choreographers not getting paid as much money or attention as their male counterparts.

  2. probably  

    from the very first sentence in the nyt article.

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