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“Professor Madonna Constantine has been sanctioned by Teachers College for plagiarism, according to a memo obtained by Spectator Tuesday evening. The memo, dated Feb. 18, was hand-delivered to professors on the Office of the President’s stationery.”

Columbia professors won’t be visiting Ahmadinejad any time soon; they settle for next best petty, cruel dictator

Why Shakespeare’s hot, and you’re not

And just when you thought frat parties couldn’t get any worse…

But what of Janice Dickinson and noted fashion photographer Nigel Barker?  

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  1. Uh...

    You might want to re-check a couple things Bwog. Your Shakespeare link goes to an article entitled, "Columbia's Role in Turkmenistan"

  2. well  

    “I honestly don’t understand the priorities here anymore when I see the good guys under siege.”

    Maybe you should check why you're at a university where things like academic honesty and integrity matter. If you honestly think plagiarism isn't a big deal, you're the one that needs to rethink your priorities.

    Also: Spec really needs to a better job with some of their article writing. In their article about maintaining Columbia's architecture the writer says "one architect had the idea of building huge towers in the middle of south field for the biological sciences." That one architect is likly I. M. Pei, who is kind of a big deal. http://www.wikicu.com/History_of_the_Morningside_Heights_campus#The_South_Campus

  3. Tell me  

    Is the consensus on Madonna Constantine that she faked the noose incident for attention? Is that our cynical retrospective?

  4. could it be

    that the noose was someone she plagiarized?

  5. omg  

    top model is not superficial trash. its amazing.

  6. noose  

    is madonna constantine being accused of plagiarizing because

    she's been noosified

    and someone really hates her?

  7. I think  

    you're all a bunch of White, elitist, racist assholes for thinking that Dr Constantine would put a noose on her own door. Before you jump to conclusions, let her defend the allegations against her of being a liar!


  8. Marcus

    I'm not white, but I think she probably put the noose on her own door.

    And anybody who plagiarizes shoud lose tenure or be fired, except in attenuating circumstances

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