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The pantsuit is what’s keeping Hillary from the nomination, femininity

It really speaks volumes about the id of The Eye when the name chosen for a fictitious professor is “Rutherford Edgemont,” which are actually two towns in north Jersey and Westchester, respectively.

Breaking: California kids choose to leave California the first chance they get

Nellie McKay: like a feisty, vapid, downtown version of Jewel

“Mogharabi lifted a portion of Farimani’s design from Acephale, the dissident surrealist journal compiled by Georges Bataille that proposed to celebrate the death of Louis XVI and called for human sacrifice. But Mogharabi was quick to point out that Futura, the font of choice of a number of avant-garde publications contemporaneous to Acepahle, is also used by Chanel.” Yup. It’s about 1000+ words of that.


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  1. I hope

    there will be many more occasions to use the "georges bataille" category in the future...

  2. abc  

    its Westchester... one word

  3. uh...  

    Bwog can't spell Bataille. Also, I can't forgive myself for being a pretentious fuck.

  4. what the hell  

    That California article was completely ridiculous...people are nicer and less materialistic in New York??? Only here does everybody wanna become a stock broker and social hierarchy is broken down based on what clubs you go to. Only here to you have Old Money. And shitty weather.

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    Georges Bataille - Giving Columbia kids a chance to indulge in literary necrophilia since 2002!

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