Food, Both Free and Not So

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Two reminders about foodstuffs today: 

Free: Got SeOUL Food? The annual multi-cultural buffet is tonight at 7 PM in Lerner 555. There will be prizes to win, bands to hear, dinner to be consumed free of charge.

Not so: The College Dems and V&T Pizza will be donating all proceeds from pizza sales tonight from 5:30 PM to 9:30 PM to the Out of Iraq Rally. Pizza…it’s the new philanthropy.

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  1. clarification  

    actually you don't have to buy pizza at V&T to donate to the Rally

  2. what if  

    I want subsidized pizza but i don't want to donate to any rally?

  3. check out  

    indo/paki food being sold for cheap at ops' event tonight, 9 pm broadway room =)

  4. wary  

    partisan food, hmm, is it poisoned?

  5. Domino's  

    is a large Republican donor, so if that's more your thing, I'd head over there.

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