Goodnight, Moon; or, Clipse Returns To Columbia

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Pupin DomeLast night’s eclipse was widely watched around campus. Bwog was there, too, tucked in Pupin Hall’s cozy rooftop telescope, along with half the Columbia staff and their children. Bwog took the time to interview two eight-year olds on their opinions of the eclipse.

Eight year old #1 (lisping audibly and shrieking): Oh my gosh!

A crowd of about 150 made the long trek up by elevator and stairs, where a few overworked astronomers were kind enough to let them stare through the telescopes. Bwog would have enjoyed the use of the equipment as much as they did, were Bwog not nearsighted and wearing an out-of-date perscription. 

Eight year old #2: Well, this sucks.

The next total solar eclipse in New York will be May 1, 2079. Hey, fail Principles enough times and hope that they bump up Class Day a few weeks that year and you might just get to see your graduation speaker get overshadowed.


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  1. 2079?!  

    :( Lame! I won't be alive then. Fuck CC'2079-83.

  2. bwog  

    this was the most emo post ever

  3. supermath  

    $100 * (1.04^(2079-2008)) = 161.9...

    161.9 < 170

    mathlete = wrong

  4. shit  

    "Eight year old #1 (lisping audibly and shrieking): Oh my gosh!"

    how do you lisp inaudibly?

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