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You’ll have to excuse us for our lazy morning, yesterday was Bwog’s 2nd Birthday Party at La Negrita and we’re still a bit tired. Bwoggers, BWers and alums aplenty migrated to 109th and Columbus (despite the slush and ice) to celebrate with drinks, Top 40 hits, and the memories of QuickSpecs and Major Columbia Controversies of yesteryear.

With a nod to Bwog’s launch party, of-the-moment Columbia celebrities Judith Shaprio and David Helfand also made an appearance. (See more pictures after the jump.)

If you were at La Negrita last night, we hope you had a lovely evening. And we thank you, gentle readers, for another wonderful year.








Photos by Justin Vlasits and Hannah Goldfield


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  1. omg flynn  

    That last picture. I just don't know what to say.

  2. Wow  

    that last picture is quite sensual.

  3. wow  

    Considering the Blue & White ran a story about how Student Groups & governing boards have no minority students & are hence racist, that's a lot of white people eh Bwog?

  4. meh  

    you all look exactly how I thought you all would.

  5. yeah for real...  

    Wow #3 you totally read my mind... as I looked through the pics all I could think was "no wonder... no wonder..."

  6. i'm with  

    #3 and #6. . .plus, that one guy is weird.

  7. awww  

    Ms. Taylor you are very cute.

  8. lol what?  

    the governing boards have lots of racial diversity

  9. whatever  

    Ya'll sure are cute!

  10. Stephen Schwelp  

    It's amazing how that plant wrangler guy managed to get into the focal point of that first picture.

  11. jpm  

    i hope your spring break plans are in order because you guys need some sun. like. woah.

  12. mb  

    hi merrell. hi hannah.

  13. plm  

    Who's that cute guy on Helfand's right in the 4th picture? Is he taken? Can I have him?

  14. wasn't armin  

    rosen the guy reporting the hunger strike for bwog? where was he?

  15. alum

    wow, why are all the people in the pictures so ugly?!

  16. I get it

    No wonder you guys ran that slanderous piece on that hottie!

  17. Dear Bwog,  

    I have low self-worth!

  18. ...

    Andrew Flynn is dazzling.

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