Dios, Patria, Libertad in Morningside Heights

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Wondering what the fuss around St. John the Divine around 2:00 was all about? Apparently, it’s Dominican Heritage Month. Bwogger-slash-tipster David Iscoe has the scoop:

“A crowd waving Dominican and American flags stood on Amsterdam and 110th, and then a motorcade of black Town Cars and Suburbans, with Dominican flags, came by joyfully honking their horns. The crowd greeted them and sang a song, presumably the Dominican national anthem, and then the cars turned left on 110th and sped off, still honking. The motorcade was pretty sizable, it took three traffic cycles to move through.”

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  1. yea  

    so? bwog, you're really going downhill

  2. A Patriot Act

    of flags, song of the national anthem, and a hug of brothers, surprises and more?

    How come the Dominican Patriot Act sounds much more fun than ours?

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