A Reminder From Your Friendly Neighborhood Democrats

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Did you know Howard Dean (now with newfound relevance!) is coming to campus this afternoon? If you missed your opportunity to register, fear not Deaniac of yore, there’s still chance to hear the Governor speak. A line for the waitlisted (and those wishing to join the waitlist) will form outside of Low at 4 PM. At 4:40 PM, the Dems will select from the waitlist and start assigning seats.  

Meanwhile, check back on Bwog later for complete coverage of the Dean event.

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  1. wow  

    didn't know Bwog now made announcements on behalf of the "friendly neighborhood democrats."

  2. random  

    they sure don't post announcements about Republicans unless of course students rush the stage at one of their events

  3. someone's touchy  

    "Go make your own blog."

    that wasn't snarky at all!

  4. the  

    BWOG: blog of the Blue and White... and the Columbia University College Democrats

  5. However,  

    CU Dems will not seat anybody hailing from Florida or Michigan.

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