Rumor Mill: Meet your potential CCSC presidential candidates

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Election season is fast approaching!  And while there has only been one candidate announcement as of yet (not counting Mr. Carey, of course) Bwog has been hearing through the grapevine that Krebs will be facing current VP Policy Alidad Damooei in what is sure to be an epic battle of the light blue-est.  In the interest of informing you, gentle reader, Bwog is giving a quick rundown of likely candidates.

Candidates (still) cannot discuss policy, but major issues on the table this spring will be communication with the student body, advocating student positions, financial aid reform and the presence of light blue foodstuffs.

(Note: elections will be held later this year so as not to coincide with midterms.  For those who wish to run, interest meetings will be taking place in March at some point.)

Alidad Damooei: CC ’09, Economics

alidad Although still not officially a candidate, Damooei has been on track for a high leadership position since last year when he served as Academic Affairs Representative.  As a sophomore, he was a major part of the Pass/D/Fail policy change as well as making  some seminars count towards the Major Cultures requirement.  This year, he’s been working on environmental policy, advising reform and a recently passed an initiative with the support of College Dems to make birth control more affordable. This nighttime I-banker has been rumored to be a backroom dealer, cuddling up with administration in order to push his policy through.

George Krebs: CC ’09, Political Science

krebsThis jolly Junior Class Council President is one of the most visible people on campus, always attending cultural activities and sporting events to cheer on Light Blue and focusing on building a sense cohesion in his class.  This past year, his major issue has been working on getting Flex Off Campus (which will be coming your way right after Spring Break).  His council, however, has had a tenuous relationship with the E-Board (of which Alidad is a member), which eventually landed them on probation.  With his ticket solidifying, he seems to be trying to network early before anyone else announces their candidacy.


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  1. Since when  

    has Bwog become the official organ of the CCSC and a disseminator of light blue propaganda? Please spare us all.

  2. probation

    what were they on probation for?

  3. Commissar of Truths  

    I have heard that there is a strongman waiting in the wings to take power if need be. Also, the mystery strongman thinks that guy with sunglasses looks like a major dbag.

  4. Dude  

    If you're gonna serve up gossip, can you please try to include more than what everybody already knows? This would be a nice place for juicy tips, and Alidad ain't that.

  5. No Contest

    Alidad will actually get shit done...

  6. Columbian

    Go Alidad! One of the most motivated, involved, impressive people I've met at Columbia, both in classes + outside of the classroom.

  7. Interesting  

    It'll be a great race - Alidad has a good track record and is well-connected, but George can really bring the crowd. Plus putting Adil on his ticket was a smart idea; student groups might go for Krebs. I hope we get some real quality out of this; this is definitely a better set of candidates than the ones we had last year.

  8. CC Student  

    Ugg...the thought of George Krebs being president makes me want to jump off John Jay. Have you ever heard him speak? It's painful.


  9. ...  

    what about felipe tarud?

  10. i want  

    a case of the krebs


  11. hey fucker  

    i hate both george and alidad

  12. shabomboo  

    too bad neither of them are hot....i still contend that if tim paulin had been the front man of his party (wasn't it called danger or rebel or something stupid like that?), they would have won.
    comissar: is this strong man perhaps a sexy strong man? cuz that would make it a real no-brainer. As of now you can either sell your soul to the devil or deep fry ur brain and feed it to georgie.

  13. ...  

    so... two insiders running? who's going to take the outsider vote?

  14. Commissar of Arms  

    When the time comes, there will be no choice. All these democratic overtures are merely theater. You will elect the strongman because he will not give you an option. He is also intensely sexy.

  15. I wish  

    Novi could run for president again....

  16. everyone  

    loves a persian

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