Cupcakes are Both a Means and an End to Celebration

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Tucked away in Lewis Parlor in the Barnard Quad is a very special kind of celebration. The kind that happens every four years. To celebrate 2008’s leap year status, McAc Events—which in four years can hopefully be called LexisNexUS—is sponsoring a leap year cupcake decoration snacktime extravaganza, or something. 

The cupcakes are stacked high on black trays, and frosting of all sorts (from chocolate to milk chocolate to chocolate fudge) is scattered on a table between bags of sprinkles and candies.

When Bwog arrived, there were six girls sitting around the table, cupcakes in hand. “Word on the street is that the non-Kosher ones are a little bit moister,” explained an apparent baked goods-enthusiast in a blue sweater.

As for the nebulous (if any) connection between cupcake decoration and the act of synchronizing our calendar with seasonal year, the be-cupcaked girls could only guess. A new arrival to Lewis Parlor informed the group that her father’s birthday was on February 29th. “I’m going to eat this in his honor,” she announced and she stacked frosting atop the cupcake.

Bwog asked if her family would be celebrating her father’s birthday with cupcakes. She said she didn’t know. Opined another girl, who was sitting across the table: “I think he deserves a cake since he’s waited four years.” 


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  1. McACer  

    1) It is called "McAC" not "McAc Events." (Note the capitalization. The second C is uppercase.)

    2)McAC will not change its name when the Nexus is built.

    3)McAC events are awesome.

  2. betting person  

    $10 says Diana wrote #3

  3. cmon  

    tell me these things in advance!!

  4. Diana Lawless  

    No because I'm pretty sure who you are, #7.

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