Major Declaration Has Begun

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Ah, the time when all Columbia College sophomores are simultaneously forced to commit to a course of study they can easily change later. The time when the overachievers realize the system won’t let them register for an Astrophysics-Philosophy-Urban Studies triple major, and the underachievers ponder the easy-to-coast-through major (Poli Sci? English? Art History?) that best suits their personalities…and then forget to declare. Those in between cross their fingers, pick something they think they might be kind of passionate about, and hope for the best.

NB: Some departments require filling out a special form and delivering it to their office. These include both difficult majors you’d expect to make you jump through hoops (Architecture), and others (Film Studies).

According to extensive anecdotal reportage, you’ll all probably end up miserable regardless. But keep those chins up—and happy declaration!



  1. well  

    Is there an easier major than History? 7 lectures, 2 seminars, no thesis.

  2. Stephen Schwelp  

    It is a little known fact that Engineers must declare in the Fall. This process consists of standing on top of Butler with a megaphone and announcing, "I do declare..."

    • Also  

      When an engineer declares his major (I'd say his/her, but who are we kidding?) it actually means something. Switching engineering majors after sophomore spring is extraordinarily difficult.

      Unless you go to Industrial, EMS, or Operations Research. Those are the fake majors.

  3. trr  

    silly rabbit, of course that wasn't covered, as there are no SEAS kids in bwog

  4. slacker

    as a general rule, almost anything ending in "y" is more difficult than anything ending in "studies". anything ending in "science" (whether computer or political) falls somewhere in between.

    for further guidance...

  5. art history  

    cannot be coasted through

  6. majors

    Surely most people here have some sort of academic interest, and therefore some motivation for choosing majors besides finding the easiest ones. No?

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