851: the New Frontier

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Columbia dorm phone numbers all start in 853, and Columbia building numbers all start in 854. Until yesterday, when a new Journalism School administrator entered the strange world of 851! From an e-mail sent to J-School students:

“___ comes to the J-school after spending the last seven years…

Her phone: 212-851—– (they’ve run out of the 854 prefix!)”

We know the J-School likes to keep its distance from other Columbia schools. Could this be the start of even further withdrawal? If you add up the numbers 8+5+1, you get 14, which symbolizes Jesus, his twelve disciples, and Mary Magdalene from that painting in the Da Vinci Code. Is the Grail right inside our very gates?! Only time will tell.


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  1. this is  

    not interesting at all.

  2. not only  

    a dork, a nerd, and a geek, but a misinformed one at that.

    851 has been around for 3 years at least, since I've been at columbia. Bwog evidently just seldom has occassion to call these numbers, (e.g. Burke Library, some Barnard dorms, CUArts etc.)

  3. ...  


    you want phone phun?

    the university of san francisco is a jesuit college in... you guessed it... san francisco. they're in the richmond neighborhood where their telephone prefix is.... you guessed it, 666. their main number is something different, but if you look for any of their other numbers, you'll see it.

    across the bay in oakland is mills college. mills college is an all female college where, unlike barnard, the lesbians actually sleep with other girls. their phone prefix? (recently changed for the university, still the same for the surrounded area) 636, or in other words, MEN. sorry ladies, i guess even at an all girls school you're still living in a man's world...

  4. indeed  

    now, why have they run out of 854 numbers?

    because there are too many fucking administrators.

    if there are no more 854 numbers that means we now have more than 10,000 administrators and professors.

    the solution? fire some administrators. a good place to start would be the OMA.

    • actually

      Faulty logic. You're probably a humanities person.

      Are there 10k dorm rooms? Why haven't they reassigned some people with 853- prefixes?

      assigning new exchanges is not necessarily due to exhaustion of all available 854- numbers. What if someone wanted an acronym that was available in 851?

  5. cuit phone slave  

    851 numbers have been around forever (since whenever Columbia negotiated to buy the block of them), but they have in the past usually gone to numbers at the Med school or other non-Morningside Campus places. A few months ago, the 854 well ran dry, and here we are.

  6. but  

    Supposedly there are only 11 disciples and Mary Magdalene in the painting, plus Jesus Christ himself. Then you've got that disembodied hand...

  7. anon  

    851 is used for remote sites and the new IP phones (was a pilot). Don't know if they ran out of 853 or 854.

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