EyePoke: Terrible Misunderstandings Edition

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as the key to ethical (and adorable) expansion? Brilliant!

Silver Sushi? Awesome!

Roscoe Jenkins and Britney’s vagina are easily confused

I thought I was in a cellar in Paris, but really it was just a basement room in a church.

Hey, look, it’s an article! No, wait—it’s just a list of New Jersey stereotypes.

Two years of assiduous editing and all we’ve got is a “kind of incomprehensible” “faltering effort”? We’ve made a huge mistake.


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  1. the eye  

    ...is shit. No more Eye unless a more mocking tone is acquired.

  2. Alexandra  

    As the author of this EyePoke, I feel that the tone was quite mocking. For proof of a generally mocking tone towards the Eye, see past EyePokes.

  3. speccy  

    everyone should read the CPI piece...

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