1. The King of Spain  

    All joking aside, Jonathan Basile is a perfect human being. I will follow him to my death.

  2. serious news

    not linked is the story about a cc freshman being hit by a car while reporting a spec story. get well soon, daniel!

  3. am i  

    the only person who is troubled by the way the spec reported that accident? i mean, i understand that it was both a terrible accident and a news-worthy event, but it seems as if he got special attention because he was a spec writer... i mean the way the story is written, it has almost no information about how the accident happened, only that this guy was some kind of hero who was KIA.

    again, not to say that it doesn't deserve coverage or that it isn't awful, but that it maybe should have had more info and could have been less patronizing.

  4. no info...  

    ...was immediately available...

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