Where Are You Studying Tomorrow?

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On Sundays, most spots in Butler are taken—some by busy students, others by a pile of cough syrup bottles and a piece of toilet paper with “IF U TOUCH MY STUFF I KILL U!” scrawled on it in red ink. This is the first in what will hopefully be a recurring Saturday series offering possible answers to the question, “Where can I find a good place to study on a Sunday?”

Butler Media Center

Butler 208B

Sunday Hours: 2:00 – 10:00PM

Opposite the reserves desk, the Media Center is a series of banks outfitted with televisions, DVD/VHS players, and nice headphones. If you don’t mind the harsh fluorescent lighting, it’s a great place to watch a movie, and also a great place to study. Even on Sundays, several of the spacious cubbies are almost always open. Bring your books and your laptop—and make some pretense of actually watching a movie.

Check out a long, easily-ignored arthouse flick from the Butler Reserves desk, and plop down at a media station, ideally one in the far corner to the right of the entrance. Put the movie in the player, put your headphones on, turn the volume down to zero, and get to work. You won’t look that different from the folks scribbling notes about the movies they’re actually watching, and you’ll get a big, secluded study space for your trouble.

One word of warning: There’s no official “no talking” policy in the Media Center (at least not an enforced one), and occasionally groups of people will come in and blab loudly and endlessly about whatever movie they’re watching, most likely their own student film project. In the unlikely even that this happens, it is advisable to turn your headphone volume up.

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  1. it's official  

    i hate this place

  2. bad idea  

    I don't think posting good study spaces publicly is a good idea. It almost guarantees that they will no longer be good study spaces, because more people will be there. Of course, if this series continues to focus on shitholes like this one, those of us who know our way around campus have little to fear.

  3. come on

    some people actually used this room for its intended purpose. stop being freaks and study in your room or whatever, don't spoil pleasant and convenient places for the rest of us.

  4. film major  

    as a film major who actually needs this space for its intended purpose, stay outta here if you don't need the equipment! This place, contrary to what this article writes, actually does get busy and filled fast.

  5. thanks  

    this is helpful, please give us more places!

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