David Helfand is Flying to the Edge of Space and Time

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Astronomy department chair, Varsity Show character and Bwog birthday party guest David Helfand will be giving a guided tour “to the edge of space and time” at the Guggenheim tonight. 

Explains the museum’s website:

Light particles from the depths of space tell us how the history of the universe began, and most likely how it ends. Columbia University professor David Helfand provides a visual journey through the galaxies, revealing both our knowledge and our ignorance.”

So if you’re lucky enough not to have locked yourself in Butler tonight, Bwog recommends a self-revealing look at your own ignorance, narrated by Professor Helfand.



  1. random  

    Prof. Helfand is Gandalf in disguise.

  2. Professor Helfand  

    What a star!

  3. is this lecture...

    subtitled, "the cosmic ballet?"

  4. juicycampus  

    what do people think of

  5. Anonymous

    I fail to understand the infatuation with our resident planetarium announcer.

  6. if helfand's the  

    chair of the astro department, he needs a nice office.

  7. Anonymous

    thats mean making fun of him he looks like a nice man...


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