Krebs CCSC Ticket Complete

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The completion of the George Krebs CCSC ticket is… complete. Laura Doan, CC ’09, has joined the team as VP of Funding. Doan joins a ticket featuring Krebs, Adil Ahmed, Robyn Burgess, and Ian Solsky.

Candidate declaration forms are due on March 6th, and the Alidad Damooei camp remains conspicuously silent.


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  1. eek

    George Krebs is an incompetent class President (albeit an extremely nice guy) and I beg anyone considering running against him to do so. CCSC '09 is laughed at by the other councils for being so bad. While school President might not seem actually sorta is.

    • ...

      my guess is that he is going to use adil like he has used mark johnson and ian solsky for the last two years to do all his heavy lifting...

      he will probably stick to what what he does best: smiling, laughing, and giving bear hugs

    • CCSC member  

      stop trash talking.

      also, word on the street is this ticket was instrumental in pushing the nomination deadline back. the elections board had not advertised much for the info. sessions, and it just makes sense to give people more time to get their tickets together / decide to run. either way, i think this just speaks of the high integrity and passion of their ticket.

      Bravo to them for doing this process right and also to the Elections Board! RUN FOR CCSC!

  2. alidad  

    is a banker by night?

  3. Chris Matthews

    Which candidate will bring the hope and change we can believe in?

  4. holy shit  

    Robyn Burgess will without a doubt be George Krebs' downfall.

  5. George  

    may or may not be a good class president, but he's put together a solid team. Adil Ahmed & Laura are great.

  6. NOO...

    there is perhaps NO ONE at columbia faker than laura doan...alidad, come on, you can do so much better.

    • wtf  

      Yeah, what on earth? She's not fake at all. I really like Laura, and frankly I feel sorry for her running for a position where she'll have to go to ABC meetings :)

  7. calm yourself  

    don't hate. you don't even know her!

  8. yeah  

    no laura is actually really fake...

  9. leave her alone!  

    Laura is a sweet and wonderful person — just because you and her aren't bff4eva doesn't mean you should question her authenticity. Is it so hard to believe in a genuinely nice person?

  10. Colin Dummond  

    is sexy.

  11. you all love adil

    so know this:

    alidad turned adil away from his ticket. then krebs swooped in and took him up.


    alidad is a council insider and doesn't feel the need to bring in outsiders like adil.

  12. Senior Class

    what about the senior class presidency, anyone going to take on Mark. I think he is a lot more incompetent than george

  13. yeah  

    i can't listen to Mark Johnson speak without falling asleep. everything has to be so damned philosophical with him

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