Columbia Wins A Competition! Go Lions!

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In the great legacy of great Columbia-affiliated writerly-types, New York Governor Eliot Spitzer announced today that former professor Jean Valentine will be the next New York State Poet and Mary Gordon, Barnard McIntosh Professor of English, will be State Author.  Much like an elected congressman, the two will serve two terms and probably sit on the Subcommittee on Rhyming Injustices. Or something.


 A Very Topical “Know Your State Poet and Author” Quiz:

Can you match the book jacket photo to the name of the author?

1. Mary Gordon

2. Jean Valentine

Answers after the jump!

1. A

2. B


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  1. haha  

    creative challenge, BWOG. I thought you might have tried to outwit us by pairing the answers in non-alphabetical order, but who knew you to be so tricky?

  2. ...  

    does that mean they get to go live in the egg at empire state plaza? cos if not, they should turn the appointments down.

  3. what animal never  

    tells the truth?

    the lion!

  4. ugh  

    Mary Gordon is so overrated.

  5. wtf  

    we pay taxes for this shit?

  6. 313131  

    Mary Gordon looks fabulous. She must have been gorgeous when she was young.

  7. good music =  

    mike the carman security guard's playlist. double points if you catch him playing air guitar.

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