QuickSpec: Red Stripe Edition

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beerBoo dearth of housing for GS kids.  Hooray Manhattanville!

Boo hateful speech on Juicy Campus.  Hooray censorship!

Boo unclear CUIT back up policies.  Hooray transparency on the Information Super Highway!

Boo rigid Physics major requirements. Hooray to superficial study of sciences through opinion columns!

Boo plagiarism scandal.  Hooray record donation?!


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  1. alexw

    I was saying Boo-urns.

  2. the only thing  

    better than a Red Stripe at night is a blueberry muffin in the morning.

  3. Come on  

    Why should juicy campus be banned? I've seen comments on Bwog, IvyGate, and [email protected] that are just as offensive and mean-spirited as some of the stuff on juicy campus.

    • alexw

      JuicyCampus has had a Columbia section filled with nasty comments for months now, but it used to be just athletes and frat boys making fun of each other. The site only came under a lot of scrutiny once CCSC and ESC names started coming up (though many of them are involved in Greek life too).

      That being said, censoring the Internet is asinine and counterproductive.

    • Anonymous

      i love beer lol


  4. I agree  

    It's ridiculous that the council thinks it has the right to decide what websites students can and cannot access. That isn't their job.

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