SIPA Confirms Every Suspicion You’e Ever Had About It

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Tipster Tedde Tsang sends photos Bwog’s way of some sort of bizarre, international students mating ritual, performed last night at 11 PM on the 4th floor of the IAB. You remember 11 PM last night, don’t you? It was the hour you accidentally fell asleep in Butler while leaning against an empty Redbull can.

Also occuring: SIPA students, dressed in appropriately whimsical 80s-wear, were filming each other dancing to Michael Jackson’s “Thriller.” The tape will reportedly be shown at some sort of SIPA formal, but you can get a sneak peek (maybe?) here.





  1. lol  

    hahaha. tedde rocks.

  2. please, Bwog

    "the tape will reportedly be SHOWED"??

  3. DMerc  

    SIPA. The SEAS of the grad schools.


  4. alexw

    "Smooth Criminal" would have been a superior choice.

  5. all of the  

    grad schools do silly parody videos for their formals, usually making fun of profs, classes, and student leaders. Law school and Business do this too. (But it's still hilarious).

  6. one down  

    sneak PEAK???!

  7. Assapopoulos  

    "...some sort of bizarre, international students mating ritual"

    What, you mean actually having sex?

  8. zombie coach  

    I heard they might perform at this year's University Commencement...

  9. MJ returns

    that sneak peak isn't SIPA. buy a ticket to the show like everyone else

  10. these  

    are great quality photos!

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