Where will you be when Alidad announces?

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alidadTonight seems to be the night, gentle reader, when Alidad Damooei will join George Krebs as CCSC Exec-board candidates.  It is rumored he will be filming a campaign video to introduce himself and his ticket.  He will not, however, be able to release this video until after spring break when the official campaign season begins because of CCSC rules.  This grand gesture of introduction–as opposed to the emails sent out by other candidates–will conveniently announce his candidacy 3 weeks after he announces his candidacy. Bravissimo!

 Stay tuned for an interview and details on the filming of the campaign video.



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  1. Wow  

    What a tool. What makes you think that he can get a whole lot accomplished if he's moonlighting as an i-banker.

  2. Let be real  

    Alidad is cool as hell. I actually know him professionally and socially. He's got his wits about him. dont be too quick to write him off, he's done a lot of great things for this school and he plan to do a lot more

  3. no...  

    you're a tool for talking shit about someone you don't know.

    so go cry about it.

  4. Why???  

    Why the fuck does anyone even care about this fucking election? We're not in high school anymore; therefore, I don't understand why student council is remotely important. It's shit like this that makes me think that Columbia is merely a slightly more sophisticated version of H.S. (emphasis on slightly). I hope that all the CCSC candidates suck their own dicks and choke on their own cum.

  5. someone  

    damn, alidad's party is going nuts over this shit. I'm overhearing some way overconcerned girl talking to Alidad on her cell phone about the "deplorable way that Bwog has treated the situation".

    I'm hearing this girl at work, trashing the Bwog left and right. I don't get it, what did Bwog do so wrong?

  6. whoooooo  

    carrrrressssss. all of these kids are like the class tools. have you met george krebs? have you met alidad?

  7. The Outliner  

    Four reasons why Student Council elections suck:

    1) They fill Columbia's campus with several forests' worth of flyers, which:
    a. are a visual blight.
    b. harm the environment.
    c. keep student groups who actually organize fun and interesting events from being able to effectively advertise.
    d. are a shit load of work for janitors to clean up when they could be doing something else.

    2) Bwog and the Spectator, for some reason, think that students care about them, which results in unwanted coverage while other, more interesting stories go uncovered.

    3) There is an inevitable winning party, the members of which will then be able to pad their resume without ever having actually accomplished much.

    4) I have to endure several months of these parties doing the following:
    a. making promises which will go unfulfilled irrespective of the winner.
    b. running on supposedly differentiated platforms which are in fact identical.
    c. engaging one another in vacuous "debates" about their supposed differences.

  8. Alidad  

    is such a good candidate. He's smart, hardworking, and still easy to talk to. NOT a TOOL (read George Krebs)

    • Alidad  

      is reclusive. you must never have met george. he's outgoing, sociable, and a cool kid to be around--anyone can tell you that. alidad and his cronies have rounded up a team of cyber, anon hitmen to slander a genuinely good guy.

  9. Jr that knows both

    Alidad and George are both great guys, but only one would really get shit done as President. George would send out funny emails with poems and songs, but Alidad would actually make changes and take advantage of the position.

    • RJD  

      he's had chances to take advantage of the position, in fact he's had all year. and their party has done relatively little as the vast majority of commenters and students can attest.

    • yes,

      I completely agree with #14. I know Alidad, and despite what all of you guys who don't know him are saying, he is extremely motivated and will get things done. Yes, he may be a little socially awkward and slightly irritating at times, but everything else about him (including perhaps those 2 qualities) would make him perfect for this position.

  10. so it's been  

    established that both Alidad and George are tools, but George is lucky to have Adil on his ticket who should be the one running for president. People forget that they are voting for more than a single person. Let's see who is on Alidad's team first and then we can decide who deserves the presidency.

  11. 2010  

    i don't know either of the two, but i think alidad is really cute.

  12. You all are idiots  

    The reason why Butler is one of the few (if not the only) college libraries in the nation open 24/7 is because of CCSC.

    The reason why you have a revised pass/fail policy that allows you to see and change your grade after the P/F class is over is because of CCSC

    The reason why you will have Flex off campus this semester is because of CCSC.

    The reason why in the near future you will be able to see course syllabi of classes you're interested in taking is because of CCSC.

    The reason why the advising department has recently been collapsed to be one central department for all 4 years instead of 2 separate advising offices for 2 years each is because of CCSC & ESC.

    The reason why John Jay Dining Hall will be open from 8am-8pm is because of CCSC.

    The reason why there are satellite gyms in East Campus is because of CCSC.

    The reason why the Major Cultures requirement is moving towards a seminar format is because of CCSC.

    The reason why there is John Jay takeout is because of CCSC.

    The reason why they removed % A's on transcripts is because of CCSC.

    The reason why there's a writing center in Philosophy Hall for students needing help on their papers is because of CCSC.

    The reason why we're one of the only schools that has a weekly free 100 page printing quota for every student is because of CCSC.

    The reason why we get to forever keep our e-mail addresses after graduation is because of CCSC

    The reason why we have LaundryView to check on our laundry status from any computer is because of CCSC

    So put up or shut up. Those of you who are complaining are scum and totally worthless to our community here.

    • an idiot  

      several of those are valid points. several are horseshit. You also should not make comparisons to other universities without researching the point. The last comment was unnecessary, and takes away from the credibility of your point.

      I read your comment, and said, wow, I didn't know about some of these. Then I read the last sentence, and said to myself - this guy/gal can piss off. I now have more disdain for CCSC.

    • Holy crap,  

      Did you say John Jay take-out? That totally makes up for all the ridiculous self-importance and inflated egos in CCSC. I totally take back what I said earlier.

    • hmm  

      And how many of those things would not have happened anyway?

    • %As  

      Wait, they removed the "%As" thing on the transcript? I got my official transcript a week into this semester and it had %As for every semester but last fall. And the reason there weren't numbers for the fall as probably because it was less than a couple weeks into the semester, which is when, I think, that information becomes official and goes on the transcript. am i missing something?

    • well only mentioned one of those things as being esc? im surprised you even bothered

  13. anti-rjd  

    rob drump is also dumb

  14. Percentage of As

    is still on the transcript. Otherwise, yeah, student council does do a lot

  15. yes  

    i agree with #19. and looks are all that really matters, right folks?

  16. p/d/f  

    just the fact that there's a pass/d/fail policy now shows that ccsc is worth something. i mean, I used that shit. that helped me. so stop saying its worthless or pointless.

  17. Columbia  

    Alidad is great. He has been in several of my classes, and always contributes insightfully to the class discussion. While he is always motivated to do his best, he is also always a friendly, helpful person who is willing to help others who missed a class or have a question about the material. He also is very knowledgeable about the Columbia bureaucracy, and is willing to help you if you have a concern that falls under his jurisdiction, or to refer you to someone else who can help if that is more appropriate. He has been able to dedicate a lot of time to student council this semester at the same time as interning - I am sure that next semester when his internship is completed, he will only have more time to dedicate to student council. Finally I think that most people who know him would know that whether you need advice or just want to chat, he really is a great helpful, friendly person to talk to. I cannot comment on George Krebs as I haven't met him, but am sure that Alidad is a great choice.

  18. P/D/F Rocks

    Alidad helped push through the new P/D/F policy, hes got my vote.

  19. hahaha  

    #30, shut up alidad

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