Emily Gregory Award Winner Announced

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Looks like Mary Gordon isn’t the only one to win something this week at Barnard. The 34th Emily Gregory Award (named for the first woman to be given full professorship at Columbia) has been awarded to BC dance professor Lynn Garafola.

There will be a big fancy reception–offering celebratory alcohol, provided you were born over 21 years ago and have two forms of ID saying as much–on March 25.

Hurrah, hurrah.  

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  1. Rihannafan

    What's this award for?

    • Emily Gregory

      is the Barnard teaching award -- professors are nominated by students who write an essay about why the professor deserves the award, the best is chosen by the McAC Network Committee (who plans and hosts the event) and approved by the Provost. It's a huge honor because it's chosen almost entirely by student input.

  2. curious  

    why is barnards teaching award named after columbias first woman to get tenure?

  3. because

    she was a barnard professor. botany i think.

  4. so..  

    then she wasn't the first woman to get tenure at Columbia? check your shit Bwog

  5. nooo...

    she was the first barnard professor to get tenure AND the first woman to get tenure at columbia university. all barnard profs to this day have to be approved for tenure by both barnard and columbia.

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