Major Change in Financial Aid

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A self-described “mega-anonymous” tipster informs Bwog that CC and SEAS will be annnouncing a “huge” change in financial aid, tomorrow or late today. (GS’s change will be of a more minor nature). 

Perhaps Andrew Delbanco might have gotten his wish after all?  

Bwog will update with details as soon as some materialize. 



  1. Huge Change:  

    There will be no more financial aid.

    • 1233324  

      LOL. Good one.

      While this might come to students as good news, it's really just a trade-off. CU, as Bollinger has said, cannot afford to continue even the current allocation of finaid for students. Sure, we might get more aid, but expect to have fewer parties, crappier dorms, etc.

  2. oh wow

    If you're on the GS mailing list you already knew about this. Mega-lame, Bwog.

  3. meh

    "It is expected that in a matter of days, Columbia University will announce an extraordinary financial aid plan for undergraduates."

    -Niko Cunningham, GS-wide email, 4 days ago

  4. Amy

    Yeah, that email went out a few days ago and was reposted to one of the Spectator blogs. Bwog isn't really breaking any news here. Sorry.

  5. rss  

    rss feed says...

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  6. well  

    Everyone knew this was coming, but there's a difference between a GS email saying "in a matter of days" and Bwog saying today or tomorrow. Good tip.

  7. whatever haters

    it's news to this reader. thanks bwog.

  8. anyone know  

    what it is? are we gonna go the harvard-yale financial aid route?

  9. I wonder  

    how people here would react if they were told financial aid is being suspended for a year or two, and the money is being used to relocate Manhattanville residents. mwahahaha moral dilemma much, motherfuckers?!

  10. HOLY FUCK  

    Maybe I won't have to pay for my education by responding to those "Sugar Daddy looking for college-age hookers" ads on Craigslist anymore!

  11. WASP  

    I say make Columbia into the Rich Man's School of New York City once again! Who needs financial aid? That's what City College is for. We'd only be going back to how things were, like, 50 years ago.

  12. hmm  

    I really wonder where they're going to pay for a financial aid package from. I hope there isn't a tuition hike looming.

  13. Alt. Announcement  

    On Tuesday, President Bollinger announced an initiative to redirect capital from financial aid to renovate the PrezBo Palace. Bollinger made it clear that the funds would add several floors to his mansion -- including a dance floor for, as he put it, "sweet raves."

  14. ...  

    Columbia University announced today that it will be eliminating all loans for SEAS and CC undergraduates from families that earn $180,000 or more per year. "We understand that many of these wealthy families feel that they are being unfairly targeted as potential sources of revenue, this plan is part of a comprehensive package that has been forumlated to address those concerns. We want America's richest families to know that Columbia University is here for them," said university spokesman J. Robert Dobbs. "We've also noticed a trend where students from this particular demographic face special challenges. Their academic performance tends to lag behind that of students from more modest backgrounds, thus making career placement more difficult, for example. They also face special challenges in the case where their families choose to pull financial support after college. As part of our new comprehensive package, we have chosen to offer a lump $60,000 dowry at graduation to students in this special demographic to ease the transition from university life."

    In other financial aid news, the School of General Studies has announced that it will be offering free hot dogs in the GS Lounge on Thursdays as a new comprehensive financial aid plan.

  15. ...  

    GS is putting bunk beds in the GS Lounge?

  16. uh...  

    Actually, I've been seeing fliers around Butler with on it.. so me and a couple of friends decided to visit the site... so bitter, bwog!

  17. actually...  

    ...I did it out of spite. But you can turn my comments around in order to satisfy the things you want to believe--whether or not they have any bearing to truth.

    That being said, I would not mind writing for the Spec Blog. Bwog is constant bitterness. There's a difference between satire and bitterness and Bwog is way off the mark.

    • reason  

      there isn't any bitterness on the Spec Blog because nobod reads it. if people read it, they'd probably be bitter about it.

      if a tree falls in the forest, does anybody hear it?

      if an article is written for Spec Blog, does anybody care?

  18. c'09

    so... any announcement?

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