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BREAKING: Alidad’s CCSC ticket announced, despite his vow to not go to Bwog first (See Quick Spec Below)

Late last night in Lerner, amidst relatively minimal ballyhoo, Alidad Damooei unveiled the running mates soon to be on his ticket for the upcoming CCSC elections:

VP Policy – Donna Desilus (CC ’09)

VP Communications – Veronica Colon (CC ’10)

VP Funding – Jen Choi (CC ’09)

VP Campus Life – Cliff Massey (CC ’10)

Campaign details after the jump!

The Alidad club kicked off their campaign by filming b-roll for their campaign video—Calvin Sun bore the camera as they made their pilgrimage on the ramps to Tasti: The Political Mecca.  

According to Alidad and Jen Choi, they began throwing around the idea of running around December but resisted announcing earlier so that they could make sure that everyone on their ticket would be comfortable with each other and solidified the overarching ideas of the campaign.

Still no policy discussions are allowed until after Spring Break, but the five were able to introduce themselves and a few of their accomplishments to the public at large for the first time.  Besides holding the reigns over a CCSC Vice Presidency, Alidad is a brother in Beta and Board member of Columbia Iranian Students Association.  Desilus is CCSC Academic Affairs rep, VP of Delta Sig and President of Multicultural Greek Council.  Choi is the current VP Funding and is also political chair of Students for North Korean Awareness.

Despite Massey and Colon’s relative inexperience with CCSC (neither have held appointed or elected positions on the council), they maintain that they were going for a “wide cross-section of campus.”  Massey is Executive Editor of this year’s yearbook and Colon sits on the Undergraduate Recruitment Committee’s E-board.  

Now that it is the eve of the filing deadline, the two heavyweights are set while there has still been no word from Colin Drummond’s camp as to whether he will run or not.  The stage is set for a grueling campaign after midterms and break.  Only time will tell Alidad’s fate.

Don’t miss the release of their groundbreaking campaign video, set to be released March 25th on a Youtube near you!


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  1. tools

    i know for a fact that alidad, cliff massey, veronica colon are massive resume whoring tools. i say vote for the other guys.

  2. alidad

    i once had a conversation with alidad that went like:

    me: so how much of the reading did you get done?
    alidad: so hungover from last night, couldnt do any of it.
    professor: so who can explain today's reading?
    alidad: (goes on for 5 min straight, explains everything perfectly down to the minutiae)
    me: i thought you didnt do the reading?
    alidad: (nervous laugh) maybe i did read it? god im so hungover

  3. god  

    veronica is the fakest person I've met here. and that's saying a lot, because everyone is fake here.

    cliff is actually nice. alidad is a skeeze.

  4. cliff  

    is hands down one of the nicest boys I know.. he was on the 2010 council last year and he's on the Campus life committee so he actually knows what he's doing. He is the furthest thing from a resume whore

  5. donna  

    is really, really annoying. i'm gonna be real with you. she's nice, but like, i had class with her and...god.

    (okay, and not in the way that krebs is annoying...krebs is more jovial than anything else. and since i'm going to be a senior next year, i just want to have fun because nothing will change regardless.)

  6. Colin drummond  

    is abroad this semester - i doubt you'll hear from his 'camp' bwog

  7. hmmm  

    cliff is nice, but i have to say, alidad is not. he only talks to you if he needs something from you and has no problem literally walking away from you in the middle of a conversation if he sees someone more "useful" to him. But then again, this toolishness might actually be good in a CCSC president. I'd still vote for alidad over krebs any day.

  8. bottom line

    Alidad = too ambitious to be incompetent

    Krebs = too brash to play well with others

    Swallow your revulsion and vote Damooei.

  9. not sure

    about alidad, but jen choi is a great gal.

  10. seriously  

    i heart jen choi

  11. wow

    Wow, Alidad really put together a great team. I hope they win!

  12. yeah...

    i agree completely with #13. he doesn't call his "friends" for the whole year, except right before elections to ask them to vote. but you know, that is perhaps what works in politics (and ruins his life, but that's his choice), and compared to krebs' team, damooei's is much, much more solid.

  13. Krebs Love  

    Hating George Krebs is like hating Santa Claus.

  14. yeah  

    you can't call krebs santa claus. at least santa gets shit done. what did the junior class do this year? casino night? oh yeah that sucked

    • actually  

      2010 had to take over casino night after Georges council dropped the ball... so it might not have been great, but if it was left up to 09 who knows if it even would have happened

      • and... on the casino night committee this year, this is also true. CC 2009 was supposed to run casino night; however the responsibility was delegated to 2010 after they failed to show up to half the meetings.

  15. hey

    lay off alidad, krebs is the man

  16. Dominique  

    In response to the whole, "Damooei is ambitious, he'll get stuff done, George is too fun-loving to get things done" argument: What exactly are you looking to "get done"? CCSC is limited in terms of power and funds, so it's not like we're looking for someone who's going to revolutionize the system. To me, CCSC is more about representation, and who you feel will be the most accurate at speaking for your needs and wants, than someone who has specific, personal things they want to get done and will be effective at achieving them. That being said, I think these are two groups of great people, and both do a semi-decent job of reflecting the campus

  17. another

    burger king kids club student council lineup.

  18. Beta

    Alidad is definitely ambitious, but manages to be modest and social too. I think these are ideal qualities in a leader.

    Vote Damooei!

  19. wooglin  

    Judging from the intellectual quality of these postings, i'm guessing that many of you guys are taking a class pass/fail. The fact that you have the liberty to uncover your grade is because of Alidad's lobbying. Moreover, i realize Alidad might rub people the wrong way sometimes, but i think that the example of George Bush clearly shows why electing a man who you think you can have a beer with is not a good strategy.

    • Actually

      That is due to David Ali and Neda Navab lobbying for that for 2 years. Alidad came in at the end and stole the credit. Please, if you're going to say something, be correct in your assertions.

      • Beta

        David Ali and Neda started it but the initiative stalled and almost died at the end of David Ali's term as academic affairs rep.

        When he got on council, Alidad joined the two of them and helped revive it after it got stuck in bureacratic limbo...

        • Also

          I guess I missed that part... woops! Thanks for letting me know. I do wonder, however, what accomplishments Alidad has had this year as VP Policy. I wonder the same about George as all I've heard he is good for is bashing Michelle Diamond, which isn't a very useful tactic as CCSC President when she is no longer a student here. Anyone know of any of their direct accomplishments?

  20. SEAS '10  

    Veronica is an amazing person (and good-looking to boot)(also sings really well). I haven't spoken to Cliff in a while, but I know he is a genuinely nice person.

    I don't think of them as resume-padders; if they were, wouldn't they already be in CCSC? It sounds like Alidad was really looking for a diverse ticket, and it's nice to see that not everyone on there is part of the student council "in" crowd.

    Too bad I can't vote :( Even in my own election...

  21. youtube

    i don't know anything but what i see on youtube,
    and all i know is that calvin sun guy can sure make damn good videos.

  22. dragon  

    Fucking ace ticket, for the Alidaddy. This mother fucker is the shiiiiiiiiiiit.

    Plus, rumor has it he has a giant Persian cock.

  23. cpd  

    I will either run or I will not.

  24. sex  

    veronica colon is fucking dan trepanier...just want to put that out there

  25. THANK YOU!  

    A REAL POLITICAL PARTY! omg can we please get the krebs/johnson people out of office. Alidad, can you please run for CC09 president too?

    Veronica and I had section together for AFP with that douche Parent. She had very intelligent things to say. So happy to hear she is on the ticket.

    Jennifer Choi is cute and nice. Thats cool. Hell yea.

    I hear that Cliff is a bit of a sex freak. But hey man, thats ur personal life. Whatever keeps you focused.

    and yea I dunno who Donna is. But hell, if Alidad will run with her, she must be good.

    I am pleased.

  26. jen choi  

    is amazing and sooo sweet. i love her!

  27. 1837  

    whoa, i actually know everyone on that ticket. i like some of 'em and others i wouldn't give the time of day to, but at least they're all competent. nobody on that party is a massive flake. plus, when the unexpected happens--like ahmadinejad--i trust these guys to keep their cool and not do anythnig crazy.

    and jen choi... hottness

  28. wtf  

    does 'sex freak' even mean? has sex often? has kinky sex?

  29. donna  

    is amazing. she has gotten a lot done this year as academic affairs rep

    soon course syllabi are going to be available online when you register for classes, some course evaluations are going to be published (depends on department) and some classes at the business school might be opened up to undergrads

  30. Jen Choi  

    is wonderfulllllll! : )

  31. cc '10  

    am i the only one who fails to see the logic in having an editor of the yearbook (we have a yearbook?) run for the VP of campus life?

    • CLC Co-Chair

      Actually Cliff is the most active and responsible member of CLC...which as VP campus life he would be the head seems BWOG didn't really do their homework on that point. Being someone who has worked with and had to depend on him multiple times this year I can say he will do an amazing job.

      Jen is the woman. Enough said...I have never seen a more competent and hard working VP Finance.

      You may think Donna's annoying but that persistence is what gets shit done...if elected she'll do just that...get shit done.

      Lastly, I am in multiple organizations with Alidad and have seen what he can accomplish. Unfortunately, I have had the displeasure of listening to George Krebs' incompetent spewing from the mouth on more than one occasion as well. Since I am graduating this year it really won't affect me...but listen to me little do NOT want Krebs.

  32. Donna

    I guess she rubs some people the wrong way, but did someone actually say "donna is not that smart"? That's ridiculous.

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