If a Tree Falls in Front of Earl, And No One Is Around to Hear It…

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It does, apparently, make a sound. Or if not a sound, then certainly a mess. Pictured above are the remains of a tree felled during last night’s storm. Bwog forestry correspondent James Williams was there to snap a picture. Arbor action shot (a log in mid-air!) after the jump.


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  1. ...

    where did the gssc article go?

  2. bwog...  

    has a forestry correspondent?!

    this was annoying to get by in the morning didn't know the cause was a storm

    • No...  

      It's kind like on the Daily Show, where they have a rotating cast of about five correspondents, and they give them "specialization" titles according to the topic at hand.

      Unless, that is, you were being sarcastic...

  3. tree-hugger  

    why'd they tear the whole tree down... that's so sad!

  4. The Dink  

    Thats a gnarly looking tree too. Bummer. But that storm was pretty wild.

  5. specifics  

    that tree is outside earl, not havemeyer

  6. wanted!  

    Actually I think Bwog does have its own forestry correspondent. This was his first assignment, but I'm sure he'll have more in the future. We're just beginning to develop this beat.

    If you would like to become a correspondent for Bwog (I am the cooking correspondent!), please send us an email at [email protected]

    Open positions include
    War Correspondent
    1020 Correspondent
    Butler Bathroom Correspondent
    Spy In General
    TMI Correspondent
    Journey to the Center of the Earth Correspondent

    We also need asians.

  7. bwog is  

    retarded and/or can't read a map...that tree was directly in front of EARL hall, the steps of which you can see on the right hand side of the photo. havemeyer is about 100 feet away. first you never post, bwog. then when you do, you're posts are not only boring and stupid but sloppy and unchecked. i never thought i'd say this but i for one want taylor walsh back as the bwog editor.

  8. i mean

    earl, low, lewisohn, math, and possibly dodge are closer to this tree than havemeyer. damn kids. learn to read a map.

  9. noooooo  

    I'll miss you, tree. I drew a picture of you, once. Now I'll cherish the drawing forever.

  10. umm  

    there was a storm last night?!

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