1. ???  

    why would a non-candidate have his own "camp"?

  2. spambot  

    Not only is Colin Drummond the only real conservative running for president he is the only candidate that isnt a total corporate sellout. We need to get the disenfranchised Democrats and Rebublicans to realize this fact. The left right paradigm has held the country back for many years. We need to wake the citizenry up and it seems that there is a real chance to do that but Colin Drummond supporters MUST get the word out. The MSM has proven its not going to do it. I think it is also important to stress getting back to the CONSTITUTION and the BILL of RIGHTS. No other candidate will touch those subjects. The people want to hear about it but until now havent had that choice. Now we all have a real canididate to vote for! Vote Colin Drummond 2008 DONATE what you can!

  3. what about  

    felipe tarud?

  4. mmmm  

    awww. He's so nice. I wish he ran.

  5. alexw  

    Colin Drummond, bless him, would be the palest dark horse imaginable.

  6. Please

    Will someone please run against Mark. Why would you give someone with absolutely no credibility and a history of shitty CCSC decisions a free ride to the senior presidency? If Colin Drummond isn't running, someone needs too!

  7. deadline day

    GIve it till the afternoon, if no one enters, PLEASE go for it, it wouldn't take much to beat Mark, he's been an awful VP and won't run a great campaign, even the CCSC insiders want him out.

  8. i think  

    I'd rather vote for that horse in that photo than mark johnson

  9. ...

    Colin would be a long shot in the eboard election but I think he could actually beat mark johnson... seriously, colin, don't give up!!!

  10. agreed

    PLEASE someone challenge Mark Johnson

  11. Friend of Bottom  

    Nah, his posts are normally far more offensive

  12. Colin camp insider  

    colin was going to run against krebs and alidad, no longer. But maybe he will run against mark johnson...stay tuned...

  13. Another insider

    Look out for an announcement...

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