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Tipster Stephen Wang informs Bwog that Alma Mater is going to be offering permanent email addresses for its illustrious, tech-savvy alums and seniors. Users will get to choose their own display name (!) and the emails will be able to “enjoy all the features of Google’s Gmail

service while maintaining a Columbia address.” So a lot like what every current student has been doing for four years.

However, our emailing tipster already sends word of a technological slip-up: “You couldn’t sign up on the first day it was available… because it was broken, already.”

UPDATE: Seniors: nab your first name as your display name before someone else gets it first! Ready, set, go.

UPDATE 10:13 PM: Commenter reports that is taken. No word yet on the.butler.marxist,, et al. Hurry, hurry!


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  1. hi...  

    can current students do this? wouldn't it be alumni only who could register an email address?
    (I couldn't register one, it said some sort of error with my uni being in the wrong family code or something)

  2. yup  

    i'm a junior and can't register.
    way to get my hopes up, bwog.

  3. yay  

    woohoo 2 new email addresses! Thanks, Columbia Alumni Association! This must be where my tuition is Columbia Gmail for life!

  4. senior  

    just snagged my first name awwwwwwww yeaahhhhhh
    Thank you, Bwog.

  5. um..

    i was able to register first day

    (just set it to forward to my regular email)

    also is now taken

  6. Anonymous  

    can barnard seniors get it to?

  7. cc08  

    got my first name! awesome! i love you bwog.

    to #7, barnard students can't get this because it's the COLUMBIA alumni association :)

  8. EAL  

    Whoever takes would earn an automatic A in my book for school spirit.

  9. Armin Rosen  

    The Butler Marxist has a name, y'know. I even tried talking to him once:

  10. barnard girls  

    can't get it....hahahahahaha

  11. question  

    how do I log into my customized name account? I seem to only be able to log into my uni@caa account.

  12. SEAS kid  

    I can assure you, we don't spend nearly as much time working as CC kids do.

    Problem set = 2 hours of hard work
    Reading/Paper = 4 hours of brainless work

    Pick your poison.

    • point

      was that seas kids do seem to be working longer/harder

      and i've taken some seas classes---if you spend two hours on a legitimately hard problem set in a seas class you're either going to pull a 2.3 or you're einstein

  13. ...

    why not or that seems to be the pattern that practically every other university on the planet uses...

    (and yes, i know it stands for columbia alumni association... the point still stands. for anyone who doesn't know columbia jargon, caa means nothing.)

  14. damn was rejected. It's a FAMILY NAME, censoristas!

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