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voteTonight in the SGO, candidates had to file for positions on the Council.  The only big surprise seems to be that Colin Drummond, once thought to be vying for the Exec Board, has decided to challenge Mark Johnson for 2009 Council.  In what seems to be one of the least contested campaign seasons in recent memory: 2010 and 2011 councils are entirely uncontested races. 

In other election news, the Elections Board should be coming out with an Adil Ahmed decision in the coming hours, Bwog will keep you abreast of the situation. 

Full candidate listings after the jump.




Exec Board 

Connect Columbia

Alidad Damooei (2009):  President         

Jennifer Choi (2009):  VP Funding     

Donna Desilus (2009):  VP Policy        

Cliff Massey (2010):  VP Campus Life

Veronica Colon (2010):  VP Communication


Experience Columbia

George Krebs (2009):  President

Laura Doan (2009):  VP Funding

Adil Ahmed (2009):  VP Policy

Robyn Burgess (2010):  VP Campus Life          

Ian Solsky (2009):  VP Communication


Class 2009 Council


Mark Johnson:  President

Mallory Carr:  Vice President

Brandon Shulman:  Rep

Heather Oh:  Rep

Zahrah Taufique:  Rep


Leadership Evolved: My Oh Nine!

Colin Drummond:  President

Jason Patinkin:  Vice President

Colin Felsman:  


Class 2010 Council

Your Party 

AJ Pascua:  President

Sue Yang:  Vice President

Valerie Sapozhnikova:  Rep

Joey Goldberg:  Rep

Matthew Harold:  Rep  


Class 2011 Council


Learned Foote:  President

Sara Partridge:  Vice President

Tom Amegadzie:  Rep

Melissa Im:  Rep

Sean Udell:  Rep


At-Large Positions

Academic Affairs Rep

Gabriel Castillo (2010)        

Karen Woodin (2011)


Student Services Rep

Molly Conley (2010)

Aaron Edmonds (2009)          

Priyanka Gumaste (


Pre-Professional Rep 

Melissa Santos  (2009)


Senate 2-Year 

James Downie (2010)         

Monica Quaintance (2010)        

Stephanie Wilhelm (2011)


Senate 1-Year

Joseph Daniels (2009)      

Tiffany Dockery (2009)     

Billy Freeland (2009)       

Rishika Samant (2009)           

David Zhu (2011)

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  1. colin drummond  

    is the man!

  2. re: CCSC candidates  

    Holy God you couldn't pay me to care.

  3. yayyy  

    aaron is one of the best guys on columbia's campus. i'm so happy hes running fo ccsc...he's really cute too

  4. Horray  

    YAY! Colin is running!

  5. pms

    Yes, we can... with the help of Colin Drummond.

  6. Why is  

    the fact that Colin is running so exciting? I don't know the guy... please fill me in.

  7. Priyanka?  

    Why would she run again? She Doesn't like ccsc, and she sucks at it....stick to dancing

  8. Wait  

    People don't actually care about this, right?

  9. mallory  

    is by far one of the most competent individuals at columbia and definitely the most capable of leading the senior class. she's probably only running with mark because he has more council experience and knows more people

  10. ind  

    i was hoping someone would run on a platform to abolish student government.

  11. Damn  

    Priyaka sucks. I don't know that kid aaron but he should take her spot. i mean who is she? What has she done?

  12. haha  

    class of '10 are ALL gay--literally.

  13. so what?  

    so what? at least they get things done! who cares what kind of people they are attracted to!

  14. alexw  

    I am considering registering as a CC student so that I can vote for Colin.

  15. yoyo  

    mark johnson is incompetant....

    he hasnt done shit this year.....we need a new president.

  16. unfair  

    you include both krebs and damooei in your "tags" for this post, yet you left off the noble adil for whom you just created a tag. this is the true tragedy--was there some devious motivation on bwog's part?


    Now there's a guy I would want to have a beer with.

  18. from spec article  

    “I was surprised he took that shot—I thought we were on the same page,” Ahmed said.

    This is lame. Adil should admit he made a mistake and move on, not take more swipes against Alidad.

  19. Uncontested  

    I think the fact that no one is running against the 2010 and 2011 class is a good indicator this is purely shit. Have fun masturbating together of your awesomeness '10 and '11 class councils.

  20. no joseph daniels  

    i don't vote for smokers. he'll get a heart attack, lung cancer and emphysema before he can do anything

  21. uncontested  

    races are largely due to the elections board doing a horrible job in advertising...or maybe it's some kind of conspiracy

    • yeah  

      and apparently krebs-adil made moves to have the elections schedule pushed back to try to get some new blood into ccsc--i smell the works of an alidad-michelle diamond scheme--at least Colin heard about elections

      • On CCSC

        actually, alidad was pushing for the elections schedule to be pushed back...... he called up members of the elections board and j-board to complain that this is unfair for outside parties...

        plus, the logic of this being a "conspiracy" for alidad is complete nonsense... his competition is george so what would he even gain by having the class council elections uncontested? it sounds like you're falling for the george-adil propoganda...

      • uhm...  

        for the record, it was alidad and glenn thompson who pushed back the elections schedule. i know this because i'm on the committee.
        krebs and adil didn't have any say in this.

  22. ...

    David Zhu is a strategic genius.

    By running for the one year position, he is counting on pulling the freshman vote his way as he runs against all those juniors who probably don't know the freshman...... that's bloody brilliant

  23. Stephen Schwelp  

    I am following the button and voting for Maxwell Smart.

  24. Concerned Citizen  

    Robyn Burgess is stuck up and should drop her position immediately. She can't get anything done!

  25. Mallory Carr  

    is a champ. so is brandon. and heather. and zahrah. they all give alot of time to class council and with them i'm sure senior year will be great.

  26. alexw

    I will be casting my vote for a bag of ROLD GOLD PRETZELS.

  27. random  

    All the platforms are the same! The real reason these students runs for student government is so that it'll look good on their resume.

  28. random  

    Prezbo's cleaning lady has more real power than these fools.

  29. WTF  

    An Adil Ahmed "decision"? What the fuck, having his personal email posted all over Bwog wasn't enough of a lesson not to write verbosely? Now the elections board has to make a "decision" about it? Seriously? Student council takes itself way too seriously sometimes. Never mind Bwog.

  30. joseph daniels?

    really? do you really want a fat, sassy bitch on university senate?


    IS MY HERO!!!

  32. DHI  

    Colin Drummond don't need no platform, the dude can just improvise the whole deal.

  33. double trouble

    anyone else notice their are two Colin's on the ticket?

  34. lakersfan  

    well all this confirms that colin is pompous prick

  35. THANK YOU!  

    THANK GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    sorry mark. its not gonna happen.

  36. ...  

    joseph daniels is a twat.

  37. Anonymous

    Learned Foote is my favorite.

  38. jkj  

    looks like colin drummond isnt running amy more.... he didnt show up to the rules meetings.....i wonder if hes disqualified?

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