Eclipse Photos (or: in New York, the Dark of Night Has Truly Been Vanquished)

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Whether for study or sleep, some of us wish the night would last just a little bit longer. With this in mind, Bwog presents a retrospective look at the most night-y night of recent memory. During the total lunar eclipse of February 20, Bwog’s polyhistoric daily editor Zach van Schouwen ascended the heights of Pupin and snapped a couple of photos of the largest holes on campus. At right is the new Earth Sciences building. After the jump is the Barnard Nexus.


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  1. 2222222  

    WTF BULLSHIT you just give us two photos?!

  2. The King of Spain  

    I may just be a simple country architect, but the Nexus ain't much of a hole no more.

  3. yo bwog  

    stop mislabeling your posts. If you say there are eclipse pictures then there better be some goddamn eclipse pictures. I don't want to see nighttime pictures of two construction sites.

  4. and also,  

    isn't this a little bit late?

  5. Riff Raff

    The darkness must go
    Down the river of night's dreaming
    Flow morphious slow let the sun and light
    Come streaming into my life
    Into my life

    • brilliant

      i always love watching that downtown and inevitably riff raff will scare the shit out of some douchey teenage girl popping up from the theater seat in front of her.

  6. holes  

    I don't buy into this ontology of holes

  7. holes  

    Starring Shia LaBeouf.

  8. holes?  

    the biggest hole on campus i know of hides behind a big meat curtain. and it's south of this saggy nipple.

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