1. anonymous

    Please, Columbia - start up those bulldozers and head north. There's a serious shortage of luxury condos around here. (I'm entirely serious.)

  2. Anonymous  

    Instead of making Furnald an all-freshman dorm and making one LLC building an upperclassman dorm, why not switch? Make both LLC buildings freshman suites. This would both foster a first-year community and eliminate the dry-dorm complications of having an upperclassman dorm adjacent to an all-freshman dorm. It would also make Furnald once again available to upperclassmen (as it was originally intended). I haven't quite done the math yet, but if the numbers work out I think it would be a viable alternative to the LLC.

  3. llc  

    yo i live here now, what kind of dipshit junior would want to live here when you can get rooms in river/broadway?

  4. invisible_hand

    "cleft in two???"
    i doth think not, dear bwog.
    i am sure you meant to write, "cleft in TWAIN."

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